Monstera adansonii

Monstera adansonii


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Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 3,7
Very Disappointed (25/10/2021)
The plant arrived with mostly yellowed leaves. It took only four days to ship, so that tells me the plant was shipped already in this condition. Very disappointed, since I usually get plants in decent condition from them.
Came in perfect condition (07/08/2021)
I decided to chop into 3 pieces all rooted fast and tbey are popping out leaves fast.
Took the brunt of the shipping damage (09/07/2021)
So unfortunately this plant did not ship well. Our package was delayed, so that likely played some part in it. Most of the leaves had rotted, luckily some of it's roots were salvageable and ecuagenera sent us a plant with a lot of nodes, so we've got a lot of wet sticks to prop.

We're optimistic that we'll get beautiful plants out of this eventually! Especially if we can grow the leaves even half as large as the ones that died in shipping.

5/5 - For Ecuagenera sending us a plant with many nodes
3/5 - For the Adansonii being extra delicate

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