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Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians

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Took one month to arrived to Spain, but the waiting worth it! Incredible!!
Three good leaves with a dense and healthy root system. Muchas gracias!
This was 1 of 10+ plants i ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This plant arrived bigger than I expected, looked as pictured, very nice root system, no damage or yellowing. This beauty has behaved as though it were never shipped. All 3 big, stunning orignal leaves are still present and it has a fantastic root system now. It has pushed out a new leaf which is not even close to hardening off yet and it is already the size of my face and the leaves emerge a red color so if the size and texture wasn't already gorgeous enough the color emerging is wild and the dark that it hardens off too is just as beautiful. So very happy I caught this one on sale and took a chance...such a beautiful and strong plant
Very nice plant with excellent root system.
Tall plant with 4 flawless medium sized leaves. Healthy root system. I ordered my plant on sale and got it for $128 (down from $160), picked it up in person in Seattle. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Just be aware that authurium pricing can be volatile over short term due to supply (finally) outpaced demand. It could very easily be vice versa, just last year a luxurian of this size would have gone for over $260 easily.
I love this plant. It comes with 5 matured leafs and a new shooting. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommended.
Nice plant, recieved medium, not large plant.
I love my luxurians, and it arrived well with 6 or 7 leaves! All but the two biggest have dropped off. Also I am not happy that I paid $190USD *ON SALE* (down from $290usd).. now it's listed for $160.
Omg this plant is so beautiful and strong
I love buying my anthurium from ecuagenera.com because their plants are the best
Absolutely impeccable!
Received an amazing, impeccable specimen in perfect health that acclimated readily to 60% humidity ambient. Most, if not all anthuriums, ship amazingly from Ecuador. Buy without reservation!
This was my first purchase and I was absolutely floored. I wasn't too sure what to expect but I couldn't believe just how glorious this plant is. The leaves, and the roots were in great shape. My order was processed and delivered fairly quickly. I am in so in love with my new plant and will definitely continue to order more.
Fantastic specimen!
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This anthurium is real show stopper. It has 4 leaves and the 2 biggest leaves are as big as my face. The texture and the petiole are like nothing else! It's so unique, absolutely worth the price.
Great purchase, very healthy plant
More than happy with my lovely plant, came with 2 and 1/2 leaves, all in good shape and acclimatizing nicely.
The anthurium luxurians arrived perfectly and is thriving!
Very Happy with the plant
Received a plant with 3 + 1 not hardened leaf.
It did not suffer any transport damage.
A lot of healthy and live root.
1 leaf is 20cm others are smaller, but I have big hope for the newest leaf that is yet to harden :)

All in all I am happy with my purchase.
The texture and dark color of the leaf is absolutely gorgeous.
Definitely worth my money :)
really big and healthy plant!
I was very nervous because it was really expensive plant for my taste but since I've been looking for it for a year it was right time to give it try.
I received really big plant with leaves over 20 cm and healthy roots. I'd like to mention that delivery was super fast and there was no mold/ overwatering issue as I was dealing with in the past with Ecua. Very happy with this purchase!
Great, awesome foliage
Took about a month to acclimatise as the root suffers from mild rot while received.

Came with a 20cm leaf and a smaller <10cm leaf however plant is looking healthy after acclimatising.
Beautiful Lux
I received a large A. luxurians specimen with leaf lengths exceeding those mentioned in the product description. It arrived with a good root system and healthy leaves. Ronald was very helpful and assured me that they would send a healthy specimen. I highly recommend purchasing from Ecuagenera if you're on the market for an A. luxurians!
Bacterial infection
I received this plant with one big leaf and 2 smaller ones. The big leaf had brownish with yellowish discoloration along the periphery on the right side of the leaf and the same yellowish brown at the left apex of the leaf. I knew it was not from stress from shipping. I took pictures and sent it to Ecuagenera. They advised me to spray fungicide but if it does not improve, cut the leaf which I eventually did. It had a fair amount of good roots , put it in sphagnum moss but a week later, I found root rot. Very disappointed with this expensive plant. I still have to email Ecuagenera about the situation but I’m not hopeful that they’ll replace the plant.
Baby Size Plant - misleading product description
This was my most anticipated plant. After hearing so many positiv reviews from friends recommendations, I also ordered one. In the product description it was written that leaves are around 20cm approximately. All my friends (at least 10 people) received a plant with at least 25-30 cm leafs. When I received the plant, I was so shocked: toilet paper size of 14 cm. I payed for the same high price and got half of the size other customers get.

I also informed the support team about my plant. first reaction: that's the standard size. Then I wrote again and told them that in the product description it was written around 20 cm. Suddenly the answer was: there was a mistake in sending smaller plants. That's all. No partial refund, nothing. For this high amount of price it was very disappointing.

It also got root rot, but luckily I could rehab it very quickly and now it is a very healthy leaf.

In general, after ordering a lot of plants, I can tell about my experiences: when you order many plants in one row, Ecuagenera rewards these customers with smaller plants instead of appreciating these returning customers - I can proof that with pictures from other customers. The least plants you order, the bigger the plants. so sad actually.
Such a beauty
A beautiful specimen with three leaves and a good and healthy root system. Arrived in good condition with just some minor beauty defects. Size is approx 30 cm with about 20 cm largest leaf as promised.
Smaller than expected but strong plant with an amazing root system.
The root sytem was by far the healthiest out of the 46 plants I received in my order. The plant has not lost any of the two leaves since it's arrival a month ago and has a new leaf currently forming...the root system that was already established is becoming more expansive.

I rated it four stars rather than five because of the size in reflection of the cost, my size expectations were higher. I would have rated it 4.5 if possible.

I purchased the plant in CAD so it came out to closer to $700CAN rather than $500USD + conversion rates and I have seen a handful unboxing videos where the leaves of the plant are the size of the persons head.

I know that plant sizes vary but size of a human head to size of small hand ratio is a noteworthy difference
and the images shard via Ecuagenera's social media of this plant are also on the larger side.

The price point is the FAIREST price you will find in this universe and overall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing from them in general if you are on the fence... hop over it and buy something already.

Customer Service is A1 and the plants are phemoneal.

Thanks for reading my TedTalk.
Beautiful & Healthy
The plant arrived with good roots and great packaging. Thanks
Great experience
I received my anthurium luxurian in a great packaging.Healthy root system,stunning beautiful foliage! Highly recommended this is worth the money and great experience!
great packaging, plant and root system are super healthy.
Really nice plant
Plant arrived with two full leaves and a somewhat established root system. Everything looks healthy and I am very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend this purchase if you are looking for a A. Luxurians.
Location : Singapore
Plant arrived with 3 leaves and a decent root system. Leaves suffered a little yellowing along the edges after a week but has since stabilized. New leaf is growing out now and plant has acclimatised well.

Despite the hefty price tag of 500 usd(still cheaper than other outlets) , Would recommend purchase if you truly want the plant.
Excellent specimen
The plant exceeded my expectations. It has 3 healthy leaves and one of them was fully developed. The plant had a good, healthy root system. The seller provided good communication throughout the process in terms of shipping and growing media. I am very happy with this purchase.
Established root system, stunning
Received 1 good leaf and one yellowing small leaf with a very good root system. The plant is already putting out a new leaf! So happy to see it acclimatize so quickly.
Beautiful plant
With that one I was honestly debating with myself whether to get it or for obvious reasons.
I am very happy that I received a healthy plant with two beautiful leaves and am looking forward for it to develop and grow older. It is definitely a plant for collectors.
Beautiful plant, breathtaking beauty
Received a beautiful specimens. Love it ,if you see it ever get restock on Ecuagenera, go for it .
Great Speciman
Beautiful plant. Arrived with minimal cosmetic damage to the leaves and healthy root system. I recommend express shipping for all purchases.