Philodendron luxurians

Philodendron luxurians


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Difficult doesn't begin to describe it (21/09/2023)
It shipped beautifully and seemed to be doing great. It even had a growing leaf... but it died unfurling. Thinking it was the shock of shipping, I kept caring for it while it acclimated, but it never did.
Ended up like a leafless cutting, and finally rotted away... I don't even know how it all happened so fast!! These should come with a warning...
Not good to ship (27/05/2023)
Unfortunetly this is the second one i bought. Neither one made it. I dont know why they ship so bad. The leaves were wilted and the roots and all the bottom were rotted. Im assuming the weather change. I honestly dont know. I honestly just dont recommend shipping to the US
Totally scammed (02/08/2022)
I received the plant with 2 yellowed leaves and no new shoots.. i had sent them 2 emails regarding this issue and was totally been ignored.. i don’t think it right to sell and sent unhealthy plants to customer. Very bad experience with poor customer service.
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