Bifrenaria harrisoniae

Bifrenaria harrisoniae

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Évaluations client de Bifrenaria harrisoniae

Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 3,7
Ok. (01/11/2020)
Small plant, dehydrated. May take time to recover. Well packaged and fast shipping.
Plant came very healthy, I will have to wait to see any blooms which is why I only gave 4 stars (11/05/2020)
Great (08/04/2020)
This species has a reputation for being a little bit dramatic when it comes to stress, so I expected it to be rather dehydrated but it arrived with well-hydrated pseudobulbs and glossy leaves. Roots were not in the best condition, but this is typical of orchids of this type to be rather sensitive to being bare-rooted.

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