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Philodendron gloriosum verde

Philodendron gloriosum verde

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Note moyenne: 4,7
Despite shipping killing off some of it, I love it!
Shipping and importing was not kind to my gloriosum. I ended up having to cut off two of the three leaves. However, I was left with a gorgeous green leaf on the top and more growth on the way. I am very happy with this--a steal for the price!
4 month update: Superb specimen!
I got this gloriosum variety because it was the most affordable option for me at the time (and my first ecuagenera purchase). I ordered end of November but since they did not ship during winter, I did not get til January. It was well worth the wait! It was a huge plant with 5 leaves (one that has since died). The veining is very pronounced so I am not sure if I was accidentally given a normal variety or a zebra - though it doesn’t bother me! There is cosmetic damage to the older leaves so its not that pristine, but I am happy that its healthy and robust. There were two growth points - since acclimating, each point grew one large leaf. Because of this excellent experience I just purchased again from this seller for my birthday present
All time favorite
Arrived in good shape with 2 big perfect leaves. The stems are quite wonky though. The texture of the leaves are just wonderful, and the shape is a perfect heart shape.
I'm so happy with my purchase
Great and healthy plant
Arrived 2 weeks ago with 2 big leaves and it's still in really good condition.
Well packaged and no shipping damage. I'm happy with my purchase.
Highly recommended too.
Hardy traveller
The plant came in good shape. It took a while to get established, but is now growing really well and is putting out it's second new leaf since I received it.
The roots were destroyed, but the plant quickly recovered
Super contente, plante est magnifique
Arrived with two massive leaves and a third well on the way! No shipping damage at all and it was much bigger than anticipated. Very happy with this purchase.
Beautiful, strong plant arrived with no damage. Roots are healthy and a week after arrival there is no signs of stress. Highly recommended.
Arrived perfectly
gloriosum are no fuss plants and this arrived pretty much perfect. Leaves had some slight yellowing 1 day on but the blame sits with me messing around with the root ball too much when repotting. The plant seems stabilized now after 4 days
5 stars all the way
I thought for the price I'd be getting a baby. It came with 2 huge leaves and a beautiful root system!! I was happily surprised.
Big, healthy plant with very good root system. Aclimating great and after a month producing new leaf. 100% happy!
Big and healthy plant was received! It is acclimating well.
Pretty good
Great sized plant for the price.
Struggled a bit to adjust. I had to leave it outside for quite awhile for the heat and humidity. Roots are regrowing.
Absolutly excellent
Big, beautiful plant, with many leaves and very good root system.
Beautiful plant
Received it in perfect condition, acclimated quickly, already making a new leaf
I ordered two of these and both are beautiful and shipped extremely well. The leaves are a larger, medium size and the roots were excellent. Both exceeded my expectations. This is one of my favorite plants and I'm so excited to see it grow!
He is magnificent!
He is magnificent! Huge size. Big leaves! I arrived in Russia in excellent condition! I am very satisfied! Thanks!
Beautifull plant With 2 leafs and and roots.
No problem
I ordered few plants and they all doing good, customer service is great...
very good
The plant itself came very healthy and beautiful leaves...Thank u
I love the color of this plant; it is a good size plant and very healthy. Planted it and just waiting for it to start growing. Very happy with the purchase.
Pretty Good Import!
The gloriosum was the one plant in my order that looked a little janky coming in. All of the leaves had yellowed except one that didnt yellow completely and the roots were meh but the chonk and stem was in really really good condition and is doing well in my humidity box. I am certain it will make a full recovery. Philodendrons ship like crap sometimes so I wasnt expecting the most gorgeous out of box experience. I just needed the stem and chonk to be health and they were.
Big plant and healthy roots
I received a rather big plant with 3 leaves. One small and two big leaves. The roots and soil were very dry but still in good condition. I am very happy with my order and would recommend.
Ordered 3 in 2 separate orders
I live in the subtropical United States and wanted a large Gloriosum to put in the ground in my landscape. The day after I ordered one, they put them on sale so I ordered two more. The first one arrived with almost no viable roots with two green leaves, each about 7 inches long. I had to put it in water as, the leaves were drooping. It's been in water for two weeks with no new roots developing. I received the other 2 yesterday. -One has/had 3 leaves (one totally yellow, one mostly yellow and one that is yellowing). It also has no roots so I am thinking of returning it as I doubt it will survive if it loses it's one greenish leaf. The other one has very small leaves of about 4 inches and one viable root. None of the plants were large. If they survive, it will be quite a while before I can pot them up in an aroid mix. And I assume it will be a year or two at least before they are large enough to put in the ground.
Wonderful plant
Received a huge plant.
5 leaves and 1 on the way.
Very large stem with a lot of healthy root.
it is a really beautiful plant, just like ´regular´ gloriosum but greener with less distinguished white veins.

Plant was carefully packed and suffered no transport damage .

I am extremely happy with it.
Healthy plant..
Arrived in great condition, three leaves and plenty of roots. Very happy with the purchase.
Came with an insane amount of roots and a good stem. Came with 3 green leaves and one yellowing. Recommended.