Évaluations client de Philodendron esmeraldense narrow

Philodendron esmeraldense narrow

Philodendron esmeraldense narrow

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Nombre d'évaluations: 8
Note moyenne: 4,4
Mal empacada otra vez /poorly packed again
Planta con las Hojas maltratadas y rotas por el mal embalado
Plant with Leaves damaged and broken by poorly packed
Healthy and happy!
I ordered five of these plants and they were all in excellent health. They roots were completely dried out from the trip and lost a couple leaves, but they easily rooted in some water after a few weeks. This plant is easily one of the most beautiful and fast growing in my house. Highly recommended.
Thought that i would be getting a little plant because of the Black Friday Sales, but surprised!
Good size plant with four medium size leaves. Beautiful and healthy. Arrived safely. Thank Goodness.
One of the most beautiful plants I've seen or have!
Amazing. Huge. Healthy. ECUAGENERA!!! God bless you guys. I'm already placing another order:) thank you for healthy plants with no pest so far:)
Showed up to with a bunch of other plants that were all in great shape. I just don’t think this one travels very well. This one had fungal issues on the leaves and roots and part of the upper stem turned black.
a bit small but very healthy
The plant arrived smaller than I expected, but all its leaves are super healthy and it has a new leaf on the way.
Big and Beautiful!
This plant took a little longer to acclimate then others but it's definitely going and it's huge and gorgeous!! Definitely worth the long acclimating time.
LARGE mature plants
Wow, these arrived great and beyond expectations!