Monstera obliqua cf Pangui

Monstera obliqua cf Pangui


Évaluations client de Monstera obliqua cf Pangui

Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 3,7
Misleading picture (24/05/2022)
The plant I received is not at all like the plant pictured here. The plant I received is juvenile, the largest leaf being about 3 inches long, and no leaves have fenestrations. I would not have purchased this knowing the size of the plant I'd be receiving. Very disappointed. I was offered a 10% discount on the plant. This was an expensive lesson to learn to ask for pictures of the actual plants I'd be receiving before purchasing, and not to trust the images here on the website.
Very nice leaves (08/04/2022)
Has quite large, veiny leaves, a very pretty plant that completed my collection! Not difficult to care for, standard monstera care, will like more humidity but made no drama in a room with standard humidity.
Beautiful plant (08/03/2022)

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