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Philodendron luxurians (medium)
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Philodendron luxurians (medium)  

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Bellissima pianta
Ho ricevuto la mia pianta in Italia nei tempi prestabiliti. l'imballo era ben fatto e la pianta è arrivata senza danni con tante radici sane e due foglie grandi.
The leaves were yellow
Quality- only 2 leaves both yellowed and straw like roots
This plant arrived with 2 leaves that were both wilted, yellow and nearly void of all color on some of the leaf. The roots were brown and hard like straw. If i was sent a plant that had a few leaves and I lost 2 would be easier to handle- this was supposed to be a gift. This is a huge disappointment.
Came in very good condition
Constantly got communication from Ecuagenera, recieved super quickly, and the leaves shipped almost perfectly. On the not so good side, 1 leaf was browning, roots were a bit mush and it hasn't acclimated super well so far, but I could have done a better job acclimating and rehabbing it post-shipping. Overall, very happy with what I got, especially for this price, highly recommend for anyone looking to get a fantastic deal on some rather exotic plants.
Pretty dead looking
All the leaves went to brown mush during shipping and fell off when I unboxed it. The roots were dead as well, but I still have a growth point so hopefully it can recover. I'm starting 100% from scratch.
I expected some damage but the only two leaves were completely melted off and most of the roots were dead and not viable. Maybe it's a philodendron thing maybe it was just my luck, not sure but will proceed w/ caution with philos.
with shipping, damages usually appear but it was just cosmetic. The roots were healthy and happy. Two leaves died off after a week but the third perked up and will be okay!
For advanced growers
I was prepared for this plant and its humidity requirements. I lost two leaves but the roots were good. Keeping it in high humidity and the leaf that was unfurling has unfurled. Excited to see how this plant grows.
Beautiful plant, but too finicky!!
I ve got my second Phil.Luxurians from Ecuagenera, and inspite of acclimating in my grow tent, proper care etc it died completely. I knew something like that would happen because it was shipped from afar and it's the most finicky plant ever! Only if I could find it in local nursery it may had a chance to survive still not in the amazing prices of Ecuagenera. I'm now left with two shonks in spagnum moss under grow lights in a grow tent...let's wait and see.