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Dendrobium Aussie"s Hi-Lo

Dendrobium Aussie"s Hi-Lo 

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Número de evaluaciones: 5
Evaluación media: 4,2
Awesome miniature plant. Made from Ecuador to Tennesse, in the US, with a large flower in tact and new bud coming on. Well packed but not potted- would recommend having 2 to 2.5 inch pot and sphagnum on hand to pot up when received.
very good
plant was small but had two buds. has established without any dieback. first flower is opening and is true to description.
Arrived in perfect condition with a bud on it. Yes, it i a small plant, it is a hybrid of two miniature species.
Size vs Price
Too expensive for a such tiny orchid, i expected to receive a bigger plant. After one month the plant is not doing well, will see in the future if it die or not.
Nice little plant with bud on.