Geogenanthus ciliatus

Geogenanthus ciliatus

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Dark and lovely (29/01/2022)
The combination of the deep dark green with purple foliage which in certain light reads black is irresistible. Truly beautiful. The first plant i got i made the mistake of placing in moss and I lost it. This one i did some research, something I should have done with the first and something I usually do before getting a plant but somehow I didn't with this one. So this plant needs to stay humid and it is suggested you pot them up in soil used for Violets. I used Espoma you can use whatever brand you like, and my plant is doing beautifully. It is a rare and stunning plant and I am so pleased to own it. Thank you Karla for your help.
Absolutely beautiful! (25/01/2022)
The plant arrived in very good condition and well protected. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous and are already thriving with new leaves growing having only for the last 2 weeks so far. Very happy with the robustness of the plant. Obviously well cared for and shipping was fantastic.
Beautiful and healthy plant. I give it ☆☆☆☆☆ (29/09/2021)
Thanks to the help of Karla Yanza at Ecuagenera I placed the plant in a pot with moss and perlite and inserted it in a large, clear plastic bag fir humidity. It's looking good and beginning to get a new leaf.
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