Geogenanthus poeppigii

Geogenanthus poeppigii

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Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 4,3
ships quite well (29/08/2021)
Except some brown leaves and edges, the plant was ok. Root ball was wet but not dripping. Changed the media and now new leaves are appearing (After 1 month). Seems easier than the G. ciliatus?
Healthy plant (26/08/2021)
I received a healthy plant that had multiple stalks. Plant is still acclimating to my home but has not declined. It's a beautiful plant. I don't know much about this species but I'm hopeful it will do well.
Great buy but takes a while to acclimate (26/07/2021)
The plant I received was flourishing with multiple stems and leaves (around 6/7 at least). Due to reporting just after import and change of conditions it deteriorated a bit. After a month or so it starts to recover and new shoots are coming up. Glad to have this wonderful seersucker plant. Definitely recommend!

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