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Lepanthes uxoria


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I got a healthy plant!
Received incorrect sp but got a similar plant
With it flowering this morning I’ve confirmed that the Lepanthes uxoria I received is actually a Lepanthes mariposa . I love it none the less tho and it looks similar to the plant I ordered ! I will be making another order but will buy 3 of these just to increase my chances of getting actual uxoria with those deer head like flowers !!!
Lieferung am 01.02.2022, für eine Miniatur Orchidee eine "Riesenpflanze". Sehr viele Triebe mit mehreren offenen Blüten. Klasse
Ich hatte die Pflanze schon einmal etwa 3 Jahre und wohl mal zu warm und trocken gehalten. Deshalb versuche ich es noch einmal in einer temperierten Vitrine.
An excellent specimen, very interesting flowers
I have had the plant for about 2 months now. It arrived as a beautiful mounted plant with 6 well developed leaves and 2 flowers open when received. I lost a couple leaves early on, but after moving it around a couple times and eventually moving it into a small covered terrarium with low light, it is flowering again and this week a new leaf is emerging! Lovely dark green upper leaf surface and maroon undersides are very striking.
Nice plant, arrived with 7 leaves mounted.
So far so good. Beautiful round leaves, the underside of the leaves are a dark maroon, tops a dark green. There was one flower on the plant upon arrival, very interesting color and shape, flowers on the underside of the leaves! Looking forward to keeping it going.