Odontioda Atahualpa

Odontioda Atahualpa


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Marvelous! (23/08/2020)
I write this as an addendum to my earlier review submitted in March. Now in the third week of August, both mature pseudobulbs have sprouted flower spikes and new growth!
Outstanding! (27/03/2020)
The large Odtdna I received arrived well wrapped in paper with a plastic bag tied around the damp sphagnum miss to retain moisture around the roots. This recent addition to the plant wrapping proved quite effective in keeping the roots hydrated.
Lush crisp blades of foliage arises from the four plump mature pseudobulbs of my plant. I'm thrilled with its robust beauty and expect it will adapt to it's new home quickly!
excelente (17/04/2018)

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