Evaluaciones de clientes para Philodendron melanochrysum seedling

Philodendron melanochrysum seedling

Plántulas de Philodendron melanochrysum como se muestra en la siguiente imagen.


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Número de evaluaciones: 7
Evaluación media: 4.1
Came in a decent condition
It arrived with a semi dried root system. Rooted easily in water and survived the import.
The plant's shape was a bit elongated when it came.
Great value.
Came to Iowa in wonderful condition. Some small root loss, but is still doing great so far after 3 weeks. So glad I ordered this, I've already ordered another one. Thanks, Ecuagenera!
Plante morte au bout de quelques jours
Je n'ai pas su/pu la sauvée.. elle n'avait pas assez de racine pour supporter le voyage. *j'ai été remboursé avec preuve*
beautiful plant but it died
I received a beautiful plant that looked healthy with lots of roots and was expertly packaged but it started dying almost immediately. This was just one of 7 philos I ordered and thankfully the only one that had any trouble. The plant had several leaves and was large for a seedling, but the stem quickly shriveled, there is rotting between two nodes, and it is dying. All leaves have dropped. I will attempt to save it anyway, I hope it can come back. I am in California, USA
For being a seedling, mine came with four really large leaves. Many roots were rotted. Would't call it a seedling with how large the leaves are though
Hier wird Qualität groß geschrieben vielen Dank für eure super Qualität
Slightly bigger than I thought it would be and the root system is amazing. It has so far been acclimating well. Can't wait to see it grow!