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Anthurium sagittatum

 Anthurium sagittatum

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Número de evaluaciones: 9
Evaluación media: 4.9
Absolutely one of the easiest aroids i have ever ordered to acclimate. I love it. Just straight in 30%soil, 30%bark, 30pumice (large), 10% charcoal. Soil mix also contains slow release fertilizer and bonide pestide (precaution). Already opened 2 Opened 2 new leaves in a very short time.
Big specimen for a “seedling”
The plant I received has 2 leaves (each blade 20ish cm in length) with a healthy growth point. It has a good root system and lovely sub velvet leaves. The specimen measures upwards of 40cm in height and seems to acclimatize well after one week in my care. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for something less common in terms of petiole shape. Thank you Ecuagenera!
Easy to acclimate
Super happy about this plant. It arrived with two big leaves and barely showed any signs of damage. It acclimated pretty quickly as well, and is now giving me a new leaf a month after I received it.
Giant, beautiful, healthy
I did not expect that coming. That plant is bigger than I have imagined. The leaves are darker than the promotional picture and the good thing: shipping was excellent. Very healthy roots in soil mix and almost no scratches on leaves. Totally blown away.
Small but beautiful
A beautiful young plant. Healthy and already showing new growth. Would have given 5+ stars for a bigger plant.
Deep green leaves with red petioles, a beautiful small plant, after ~ 4 weeks is putting out its first leaf
5/5. Petioles are beautifully hairy, red in colour.
Came rooted and in good condition. Putting out a new leaf after only ~1 month in my care.