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Philodendron brandtianum

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Evaluación media: 4.4
Such a large plant.
The plant I received is over 3 ft long. So healthy and pretty. Ordered it in winter only had one yellowing leaf when it arrived.
It's easy to give this a 4 out of 5
Lovely wee plant. Some shipping damage, this to be expected. Not a lot of the roots survived the journey. However, the plant has been hydrated, wrapped in moss, in a clear orchid pot and so far it's holding its own.
Easy recovery
I ordered this (stupidly) in February, the dead of winter for me. Other plants I ordered had some trouble, but the brandtianum was in great shape. It recovered from shipping very quickly and has developed great roots and grown plenty since then.
Finally have a brantianum
Received a great cutting with several good roots, leaves had minimal damage from transport, but has survived and looks good! Thank you!
Excellent condition
The plant leaves and roots were in excellent shape and the plant is doing very well.
Impressed how beautiful in real life
I am really impressed who this plant looks in real life as it differs from the tc Brandtianum in Europe. It reminds me of a Sodiroi. Shipping was fantastic, no damages at all. Roots were super healthy (thanks to soil substrate and not moss). One of my favourite Ecua plants so far.
Really small cutting
Small cutting, not so great roots, 2 leaves are yellowing.. hopefully will survive
Nice plant
a lot of damages on the leaves but the root system is good.
Overall healthy happy plant. Good roots, no leaf loss. Happy with my purchase.
Beautiful Plant
I ordered only one plant of this type and I couldn't be happier. It arrived in perfect condition, no transport damage at all. The plant had healthy roots, beautiful foliage as in the pictures and a new leaf on the way that beautifully unfurled in my care. Definitely recommend it.
Pretty brandis - EU delivery
I ordered 3 of these and they seem to be healthy specimens. They came some tears and scratches on leaf surface but it is well expected with delivery during winter. My only issue is that they are prone to breaking their stems under wight of other plants in the box so be aware of this while ordering. Nevertheless I can recommend buying them for lovely sparkly foliage and fast growth habit. Delivered during a cold spell without a heat pack.
Dead On Arrival...this plant was a complete mess. Rotten leaves, rotten roots, completely soaken wet. All was left was the stem that I tried to propagate in sphagnum but it started turning brown and rotted completely in the next week
Healthy plant with nice roots. Arrived in perfect condition (EU). Beautiful leaves. Very happy with my order.
Perfect condition (EU)
The plant came to me today. It has 5 leaves and 6 currently unfurling. Packaging was flawless and not a single mark or scratch on the plant. The roots look very healthy, white/reddish hue. Overall great experience and fast shipping despite Christmas related craze. Individual leaf size is about 8/9cm.
Unrooted cutting
Out of the 4 plants in my order, the Brandtianum was the only one that wasn’t actually rooted. It was just a cutting with 6 big leaves (granted, the leaves were much more mature than I’ve seen from U.S. sellers). I would have expected the listed description to include that the plant wasn’t rooted, and they obviously knew before shipping as it had to be wrapped in moss and saran wrap; so that was disappointing. However, I’m pleased with the overall condition and size of the cutting as well as the secure packaging (despite the top leaf being half yellow, but I’ll blame that on shipping stress). Would still recommend buying from this company, especially if you’re confident in your shipping rehab & possibly rooting abilities.
Not the strongest looking plant in my order but showing a new growth after a month or so.
Looks great just some minor top leaf damage
The plant came in nice. If not for the top leaf damage, probably a 5 star rating. The leaf though appears to have less silver vs. the regular brandtianum.
Very nice quite big fleshy plants. Very happy with my order. And the way they arrived.
Perfect condition
Arrived without a scratch, looked like it hadn’t even been shipped at all- 3 generously sized leaves with another on the way and nice white roots
Great vine
The plant arrived in perfect condition with 3 leaves and one was on its way. Its been 2 weeks since I got this plant and I have another new leaf coming now. Absolutely thrilled to see all the new growth. I would definitely recommend this plant to buy! Great customer service.