Evaluaciones de clientes para Phragmipedium Zapatilla de la Virgen

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Número de evaluaciones: 8
Evaluación media: 4.5
My Phrag. Zapatilla arrived securely and safe. I was impressed with the size and health of this orchid having traveled all the way from Ecuador to Kentucky, USA. Communication from Ecuagenera was excellent. I will definitely order again and soon!
Massive plant.
I love this plant with thick leathery leaves. There are already 2 flowerspikes coming up, can t waith to see the flowers with long petals.
Buy at your risk
The presumably new batch, all previously bloomed, plant size is a third smaller than original. Orchid in bloom now, the flower looks like a giant version of Predator. Nothing like a 18 inches plus long petals.
Where or what happened to this cross, wallisii or humboldtii?
Too big a risk to buy Zaptilla de Virgen.
Buy the zaptilla from the auction only as you will see the bloom.
Picked up this plant three weeks ago with the first bud just opening. It has continued to bloom, with currently six open flowers and two more buds PLUS new growth and roots. Easily filled a 6" pot, and never skipped a beat with shipping and repotting. So very happy with this plant!
I received a bushy , healthy beautiful plant. I can't wait to see it blossom. Many thanks to Ecuagenera and Karla
Best received so far
This last plant purchased is the best of 4 purchased.
Roots are still semi alive. Came with a younger spike which is growing nicely. Can't complain much on price, size of plant. Excellent value
The plant looks exactly like on the photo, so no bad surprise. It is healthy, leaves and bulbs are bright green. Now I just look forward to seeing it in full bloom.
Llegó grande y buenas raíces
La yendo en mi cuarto para mantener la temperatura que necesitan. Porque aquí PR. Está muy caluroso