Evaluaciones de clientes para Phragmipedium besseae 'Chiguinda'

Phragmipedium besseae 'Chiguinda'

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Número de evaluaciones: 11
Evaluación media: 4.1
Perfect and powerful!
Perfect condition, great plant, thanks to Ecuagenera! onkly two leaves are folded in half due to packaging or travel but nothing serious. Two new vegetations are present, a division likely as early as 2023!
Not good at all
Received it all black in color and dead
Beautiful plant
Came in Europe/Sweden in perfect condition. Nice size, excellent plant. Perfect packed !
Une orchidée de belle qualité, saine et bien raciné.
very nice and healthy plant with lots of new shoots
Plant arrived in very good condition. It is mature plant with lots of new and old shots. Healthy and really big. Thanks a lot for it!
Received a mature plant with multiple leads and new growths and a decent root system.
beautiful plant
Received this as a mature and big plant with several leads.
I ordered two plants that came in with 3 mature fans + 2 new shoots and 4 mature fans + 2 new shoots, respectively. Some leaf tip damage, likely from the shipping (the foliage on Phrags do crimp easily). I expect these will bloom next year.
unable to judge - did not receive
none as yet
Correct plant but fungal attack on new leaves