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Dracula cordobae

Dracula cordobae

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Número de evaluaciones: 9
Evaluación media: 4.1
Good,strong plants
Очень хорошее растение
Растение с достаточным количеством листьев, без нареканий, корни хорошие. В дороге пожелтел только один лист, самый молодой. Кончики листьев выборочно срезаны, но на здоровье растения это не отразилось.
Large plant, shipped well
I was expecting a smaller individual given the price, but nope. I received a large plant with several shoots and it arrived in a wonderful condition, despite us having a bit of a heat wave in Romania. No dehydration signs, no dropped leaves, very firm, good root system.
excelentes condiciones y saludable
Recibí una planta grande , saludable, recomiendo a Ecuagena
Nice, blooming size plant! Happy with the purchase.
Very nice sized plant
Dracula cordobae is a really nice plant and large size for the price.
Very disappointed last only two weeks.
Got the whole plant with dry leaves. The roots of the threads. Wilamena no. Not sure I'll survive. Sorry.
Roots were dry/dead, but plant in good shape. Giving it the good conditions will bring back all the roots. Happy customer!