Lycaste Maria Liz

Lycaste Maria Liz



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Great Purchase (25/07/2019)
Large plant, nice roots, and wonderful experience and communication with the sales and service departments. Ms. Yanza and Ms. Dayaneth have been very helpful. I look forward to making many more purchases in the future.
1-star (04/03/2019)
This plant that I received wasn't blooming size but what I didn't like was that the root system was all rotted and I had to cut away all the roots. I'm hoping that it will survive and grow some new roots. I received two plants in my order and both plants had rotted roots that I had to cut away. Very disappointed!! Just to add...a third plant in my order was out out of stock and after numerous attempts in contacting their sales dept. I still have not heard from them about getting a refund for that plant. Not a good way of doing business in my opinion.
Arrived in MINT conditions (24/11/2018)
Sending up flowers in the 2 months I have it
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