Brassada Chuck Hanson

Brassada Chuck Hanson

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Evaluación media: 4.7
Healthy and Budding (06/07/2021)
The plant, and others ordered, all came well packed and shipped. This Brassada came with a bud that took about a month to bloom. There are 2 new growths forming. I highly recommend ordering this orchid.
Very good (22/10/2020)
This plant arrived in a shipment with 2 others. Of the 3, this one seemed to have some mechanical damage to the leaves and has since lost several, but the pseudobulbs are healthy and are currently growing 2 new ones. The shipment to the US was pretty quick and the plants were well packaged and still moist. They arrive bare rooted, so be prepared with pots/medium. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality and size of the plants I received.
very good (31/10/2017)
good sized plant. some yellowing on leaves but psuedobulbs are few but healthy

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