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Philodendron lynamii

Philodendron lynamii

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Evaluación media: 4.8
Big beautiful plant
The plant looked almost as good as in the picture. 60cm high, with big, mostly undamaged leaves. After a week it is doing really well.
Growing strong & steady
I received in Jan 2023, now is Mar 2023. The plant is doing very well, it had strong roots. It grow a new leaf by 2nd month, super big. I like this slow growing but steady plant.
Beautiful and Nice size
It is 2 1/2 months since i received this plant (1 out of 10+) and It arrived unaffected by shipping (which i paid for expedited shipping). Very nice size plant, root system was descent, no damaged or yellowing leaves or severely rotted root system when it arrived. It has not lost any leaves since and the root system has taken off and it is working on pushing a new leaf out. Very happy with my new plant
all good
received 2 5-leaf plants. No issues whatsoever (I wished it was always like that lol)
Outstanding Beauty
This plant is a beauty..easy to grow,new red leaf comes out and gorgeous!
Love it!

Cymthia A.
Gotten a 4 leaf from this purchase. Although due to a few days of delay from the flight shipment, the plant is still in good condition, except that the rooting medium has dried. So far its been a week now and the plant is doing well with no browning or yellowing of the leaf.
Excellent so far!
Received a 4 leafer that I ordered during the sale. The new pink growth had shipping damage so I lost that leaf but it's got the mature other 3 leaves and they seem to be doing great!
Beautiful heathy plant
Plant was shipped well packed. Heat pack helped a lot during shipping in mid of European winter weather at -10C. Plant arrived w/o damaged leaves or roots. None of leaves dropped during acclimatization period. Gorgeous heathy plant, cant wait for new leaves.
The plant has the most perfect heart-shaped leaves plus those hit pink new leaves are just beyond beautiful. I was hesitant to purchase not just for the price, (though I waited for the special) but because I was listening to the people saying it was underwhelming. This is so not true. Mine is thriving and has pushed out a new leaf. I wish there was an option to show pictures. The plant is gorgeous and I am glad I purchased it. Thank you Karla and Ecuagenera.
Excellent Beautiful Plant
I hesitated for some time to purchase this plant given the steep price but finally bit the bullet and took advantage of their discount weekend. The plant I received is well grown with 3 large leaves. Look forward to getting it established
Lovely mature plant
Received a 5 leaves plant - 3 bigger and 2 smaller + new stem popping, good roots.
For some reason the 2 small ones came quirky and semi-rolled as if thirsty, was a bit worried this may be a bad sign so waited for few weeks to see the progress. They are still in same shape (maybe some past shock they can't recover from) but rest of the plant doing great, the new stem grew and unfurled giving me a lovely reddish leaf to admire. By the way, Lynamii leaf unfurling is very noisy, you can hear it from few meters away. :)
Beautiful— at first
Plant came in fairly large and leaves in good condition with the exception of roots being damaged and rotten. I thought because the top was in such good condition that new roots would form fairly easily but they did not. I tried a damp sphag, perlite and a mix of the two. I tried treating it with rooting hormone, but could not get the roots to regrow and also dealing with rot on the base of the stem now. After about a month, I am down to no leaves, no roots and a small piece of rotting stem with apical bud. Most plants I’ve gotten have been able to recover but unfortunately this one (being the most expensive one I’ve ever bought) did not. I really wish I I had saved the money on this one, I’m not sure what else I could have done….
This was my second purchase and I was NOT disappointed. The plant was bigger than I imagined had three leaves in great shape, and fourth sprouting. Shipment arrived extremely quickly as well. It's close to a month now and it's still going strong.
Plant size is decent, but the plant is not worth the money
The plant is rather bland when leafs are mature:
Think of it as an overpriced pastazanum with pink unfurling leafs that turn solid green when mature.
Totally amazing !
Received some great plants with nice size.
Very happy that also traveled to Europe in amazing good condition ! one has even a new leaf that is amazing to see. After two weeks down amazing in the growing tent.

Thank you Ecuagenera and all the team for the great work and experience.
Stunning specimen
Plant came with 4 foliages with one new leaf, slight damaged due to travel. The plant is generally in great condition, and a new cataphyll is seen growing slowly.

One week past and the new leaf is slowly hardening and turns to a brownish color and green soon :) Absolutely happy to have one!
Stunning specimen
Plant came with 4 foliages with one new leaf, slight damaged due to travel. The plant is generally in great condition, and a new cataphyll is seen growing slowly.

One week past and the new leaf is slowly hardening and turns to a brownish color and green soon :) Absolutely happy to have one!
Absolutely stunning
Yes, it is a plant with a high price tag. But is it worth to buy? Yes. As an aroid lover this one is a special one. I got a very nice speciment, 3 big leaves and a huge red cataphyll. The new leaf is on the way coming out of the cataphyll and is super red, in comparison to the Nangeritense which is light pink. I am so excited to see the unfurling process in the next days. The root system is fabulous as always, as we Europeans get the best shipping conditions with awesome soil mix. The soil mix with the Japanese fertiliser is so awesome that I never change it, just put new soil mix or perlite around it to put it in a bigger pot. It's really worth to buy here, as some sellers tend to sell it for double or triple price. 6 Stars. Love it.
I think there is not much to say anymore about this outstanding plant. RIP Ralph Lynam.

It has been found only in Tarapoto Area and is probably the fabulous gunkle of Nangaritense. The new leaves are really impressive and pink (even without your instafilters & photoshop) . But also when turned green, everything about this plant is just so elegant, the long reddish filigrane petioles, the structure of leaf base, the gently white & shiny white middle vein.

My plant came in with healthy roots, good soil mix, a big stem piece, one big leave about 20-30cm and 2 very smal leaves.
The plant needed no time to acclimate at all and pushed out the newest leave with no problems. The pink color turns green in about 2-3Weeks as the leave grows bigger. Generally it seems to be really easy in care, due to the sturdy and pretty thick green leaves. But that makes only sense considering the plant is growing in situ at around 500meters height only in the warm rain forrests and river plains of Rio cumbaza.

Do i think the price is reasonable ? Yes and no, due to the easy care, i consider the risks of rotting, crispy tips of low humidity, stressinduced pests etc. are pretty low.

But still this here are 500€, that´s a big bunch of money, you can easily pay rent for a month, travel local for a week, buy a smartphone or even a car for that pricepoint, this plant for this price (what even is the cheapest place to buy) is an luxury item, and most people will buy this plant for flexing with it on their instagram and for social status, but keep in mind that this plant (like every other "rare/ hype" plant) can also not give you a healthy self love, makes you a better person or will fill any emptiness inside of you and the dopamine also goes as fast as it comes. Live is not about having everything you want, it´s about beeing confident without.

I hope I could help you guys, so please peeps take care of you like for your plants.

peace out Nils