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Philodendron nanegalense cf

Philodendron nanegalense cf


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Número de evaluaciones: 11
Evaluación media: 3.1
Very easily acclimated. Traveled very well. Id definitely buy again as well as recommend.
Not bad
The plant endured the journey hard, but it is slowly adjusting. It has a good root system and wonderful leaves (those that have survived).
Packed perfectly. The plant arrived in great condition at the specified time. I would love to become a customer again! I'm very satisfied. A small point of criticism is the information about the plant. Here you will only find imprecise information such as "medium" or "warm". It's not specific. Even if the nagging is at a high level.
horrible to ship
did not make it out of the mail.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Beautiful but weak
Twice I've ordered this plant and twice it has failed to thrive for me. I think overall the plants shipped are quite healthy and the roots come fine - its really the transition of shipment/ humidity levels that kill it. Lovely leaves, dark velvet, a stunning and not well known philodendron - fuzzy stems too!
Nice plant, but ships badly
Like the others, this plant came melted. Like, i didn't understand what people meant by melted leaves until i got this plant in my hands and saw it's sad condition. i tried propagating it because the roots were mostly shriveled, but sadly all except the mother plant passed away (RIP). good news is i managed to salvage the mother plant, and a new leaf came out recently!! still figuring out the care, but it's definitely a tricky one and would not recommend for impatient or new plant parents.
The plant shipped very poorly. Lost basically all the leaves within 2 days after arrival.
I have a couple of wetsticks now
Plant completely disintegrated upon arrival - like upon opening the box. Was unable to even propagate the stick. Looks like a really bad shipper. Was very disappointed as the leaf was pretty and of course it was a waste of my money
underrated beauty (but needs high humidity)
I got this guy healthy and with 5 leaves well shipped in mid February without any root rot,

generally all of the plant`s i ordered so far (15+) came with healthy root systems good soil, even though they were ordered in Nov-Feb to Germany. Röllke Orchids is really doing a great job with acclimatisation.

From my point of view, this species is really underrated, nice velvet leaves with white venes and hairy petioles.

I observed that Compared to other philos it needs higher humidity like corrugatum or albovirescens and get´s crispy leaves pretty fast, so keep that in mind
Not very good
It arrived alive but many of The leaves were partly melted. After just one night it was looking pretty rough and now it is pretty much dead and I tried everything to save it.