Philodendron heterocraspedon

Philodendron heterocraspedon

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Does not ship well (06/06/2023)
Got this plant twice, as the first time it arrived in rough condition and did not survive. Second time it arrived in an even worse condition. Very yellow/dead leaves and no viable roots. These do not seem to ship well at all and they are a hard plant to acclimate. This is disappointing as it is my favorite Philodendron :(
All good (24/02/2023)
Ordered two in January. Arrived end of Feb to UK. I also had to delay delivery due to work. Turned up absolutely fine, no damage to leaves or cold damage. Roots seem ok too. I think it would adapt to my humidity of 75% just fine as happened with patriciae.
Super philo! (17/07/2022)
This is one that I just put in a vessel of water upon arrival until i saw active growth. Still doing great aftering transferring to aroid mix. I just cant get enough of these long boys.
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