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Philodendron werneri mini

Philodendron werneri mini


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Número de evaluaciones: 7
Evaluación media: 4.3
Came in decent condition but is struggling to adapt
This plant was really a mini plant and is very cute, but small. There was some damage to the plant and it lost 3 leaves, but it should survive. The roots were not in great condition, so I trimmed them down and let it rest in water for a few days, then moved it to moss. It has really struggled to acclimate to my house and has not really shown much growth since I got it about a month ago...I have it in an Ikea cabinet at 70% humidity and about 70-75F. It is in moss with a heat pad.
Unique shingling philodendron
Unique rare philodendron. Plant arrived safe and very healthy. Beautiful, good size plant.
Cute but really mini plant
arrived with one leaves and had a good root system. it really a mini shingling philodendron. Acclimatizing well in my environment.
Came with a damaged stem which was already black and rotten
The plant came with partially broken stem which was already black and rotten. The damage was near the base of the plant. It died after few days.
Very nice, unique mini philodendron!!!!! A++++++
Good sized actively growing plant of this philodendron 'mini' form. New leaf out when received and another on the way. Very healthy plant which adapted well to my USDA Zone 9 climate.
Very nice, rare miniature philodendron.
Plant arrived safe and in top health. Very proud to own any miniature philodendron. Very hard to find and so beautiful!
This plant makes me happy
I’ve only had it for a week now. It arrived well packed and healthy. This is my first Werneri mini. So far so good. I’m seriously Thinking about purchasing another.