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Anthurium lutheri

Anthurium lutheri

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Evaluación media: 4.3
Prachtige plant
Plant kwam helemaal gaaf aan. Prachtige plant. Heeft een nacht in water met superthrive gestaan en is nu opgepot in aroid mix. De plant staat in mijn woonkamer onder een groeilamp. Het blijft even afwachten hoe de plant zich gaat ontwikkelen, maar het ziet er goed uit.
Beautiful plant
Size as pictured. Hard to find anthurium. Does not like water on stem, take care if soaking.
Recovered well from shipping
Was really mushy on arrival. It's pretty dramatic after repotting too and will look like mushy spinach. But it bounces back and perks back up quickly. Arrived with 5-6 big leaves
Great looking strap leaf Anthurium. Rebound well from stress.
Rebound from shipping stress very well! Partially dried out bare root sphagnum moss.
I had this plant sent to an event. The very helpful sales person at the event saw that the anthurium Lutherii looked VERY stressed from bare root shipping. She suggested soak it in water with added super thrive for 5 minutes. I thought it would die but it didn't. To my surprise they rebound the next day. I did have to trim 1 leaf per plant due to it being too stressed but overall they are healthy and rebound and are growing surprisingly fast under LED lights at 16hrs on. Would buy again!
Plant has strong roots, doing well
The plant is doing well. However my garden snails find its leaves very tasty, eat half the leaves overnight... So be careful of pest...
Arrived in perfect condition....great looking plant.
Not great.
This plant arrived in moss that was completely dry, and looked absolutely terrible, and much smaller than the plant pictured. After 24 hours in water the mainstem has started to firm back up, but the petioles are still very weak and floppy. All in all, this was definitely one of my more disappointing purchases.
fantastic, though a little expensive
plant arrived in a great condition (not perfect), and it acclimated pretty quickly with just one leaf fall so far - and it was the oldest baby leaf. hope everything continues to go well!
Arrived in terrible condition