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Philodendron narinoense

Philodendron narinoense

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5 stars
This plant arrive with 6 leaves and has since added 2 leaves. Roots were strong and healthy. As with ALL shipped plants i trim any soft roots when i unpack then and pot them up into appropriate medium according to condition and specicies. This gem acclimated in record time straight into aroid soil. I love the creases in the foliage. A true individual! Thanks Ecuagenera.
Tiny plant, came with afew yellowing leaves. Wasn't expecting that.
Exceptional plant and very well rooted. Thank you!
Smaller than advertised, but well rooted.
Ordered with express shipping in late summer TX, USA. Arrived with 5 leaves about 2-3" long. Does not ship well. 4/5 leaves yellow and dead now. Well rooted and currently growing well in spag. moss. Only buy if you are experienced rooting rehabs.