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Anthurium lineolatum

Anthurium lineolatum


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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 3.8
Perfect plant
I got a plant with several leaves from tiny up to 25cm. I was nice than on the pictures. Roots where all well and no big damage on the leaves.
After a week a leaf startet to grow and it is a pleasure to see how it gets slowly bigger and changing color and form.
Gone :(
Mine arrived with 3 gorgeous leaves but deteriorated very quickly and died after 1 week.
Came with 2 big leaves which were broken off their petioles
The plant came with two big and beautiful leaves which were unfortunately broken off from their petioles inside the box. Plus the grow point was mushy. Now, it is sitting in the greenhouse hoping that it will survive.
The plant arrived in decent condition overall, the root system was extremely healthy. However the two leafs arrived damaged but it is expected with shipping to a different country. Overall would recommend if your from the US .