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Monstera spruceana

Monstera spruceana

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Evaluación media: 2.5
Good quality
Good quality
A thin stem with 2 dead leaves arrived w/o roots
I expected to receive a young plant so that didn't surprise me. However, it was a cutting with blackened aerial roots so I had to prepare the propagation mix and tried to root. It has been 5 weeks now and I had to cut the bottom off due to rotting. There is a high chance that this thin stem would not make it.
Not good
Sadly, I have ordered this twice - once in the Winter and once in the Summer and both times it arrived in the worst condition I've ever received a plant. I assume they don't ship well so take that into consideration. 3 stars were giving because Ecuagenera was kind enough to offer replacement with another plant or a refund. 5 stars for customer service!
Good Quality
Received an 8 leafer plant. Still having juvenile leaves. Its roots are healthy and white. Very good quality. Was hoping it has fenenstration though.
Not good
Arrived with fenestrated leaves but had a lot of root rot. Ended up dying.
Ordered two. Received 2 completely different plants
Both plants arrived yellow. Sphagnum was dripping wet. Leaves on both turned black and fell off within days of their arrival. This is a delicate plant and I don't think they have enough time to rest between travels.
The plant I received is healthy and a decent size. It has no fenestrations though. I was hoping for something similar to what is pictured. The leaves are quite small but the length of the plant is a nice size. Overall ok.
Not the same plant shown in the picture
All other plants i have ordered came in great condition and i have no complains, except for this one it looks nothing like the one in the picture and has no fenestrations, came with root rot, lost the top 3 leaves so looks like I got to start over with this plant definitely not ordering this one anymore.
Tiny seedling, no fenestrations, no roots
I received mine with three tiny leaves maybe 2-3 inches diameter and no roots. The growth point it had was rotting. It's been a couple months since I got it and it's lost two leaves but has two new growth points finally. (One is from the node just below the original rotted growth point, and another is from much further down the stem) Let's hope these growth points can take off before the final original leaf dies off!
I had to return it. Horrible specimen with 3 little leaves
Small seedling
The monstera spruceana i received was a small one with no fenrstrations. Each leaf about 3cm long. I suppose there's quite a great variance in size across orders. You just might get luckier than me.
Amazing size
Mine came in very mature and pretty! All the leaves have significant fenestrations and I can tell a new leaf is already coming! Only complaint is that it has significant root rot with no roots left and I will have to rehab it.
The plant arrived perfectly packed, in good conditions with beautiful foliage and a healthy root system. A little smaller than I thought but still beautiful!
Not very good
I got used to very good plants from ecuagenera yet this one is small with very immature leaves (0 fenestrations that are advertised on the pictures,tiny leaves) the rootball was soaking wet and the leaves yellowing a bit too
I hope this is just bad luck but my whole order was like that....
Shipping and packaging is great as usual ,even arrived a day early