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Philodendron nangaritense

Philodendron nangaritense

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Número de evaluaciones: 42
Evaluación media: 4.7
La plante est arrivé en parfaite condition, et vraiment très jolie. Merci
The plant is gorgeous and the petiole a flaming orange. Honestly I love it so much. It has become one of my favorite philodendrons. I wish I had ordered it sooner. Super impressed with this specimen. Thank you Ecuagenera and Karla.
Excellent specimen
The packing was great. The leaves and roots look healthy. It looks like it will be a good specimen.
Beautiful, big plant
The plant was carefully packed and had no transport damage, roots were also very healthy
Shipped best out of all
Packaging was pretty damaged and all plants were squished together, but this plant survived the trip the best with bent leaves even suruving.
very beautiful
Plants arrived yesterday in a excellent condition. Plant have a good few leaves, no yellowing. Good, well established roots system, no root rot whatsoever. Hope they will acclimate well!
Small plant and root rot
I ordered 2 because I love the leaf shape and read good reviews. They arrived today. One has lost almost all roots to rootrot and both have small leafs. Biggest leafs are the size of the palm of my hand, not full hand. I always seem to receive small specimens. I could have bought a bigger one that is already acclimated for the same amount here. I have another order incoming, I won’t get my hopes up. Probably my last order for a while. Very disappointed this season
It is SO easy to love this plant
Beautiful pink tint on the back of the new leaves. And the petiole is just so cool. The best part is, this acclimated so easily! Get this, you won't regret it!
plant was great but came folded
leaves were again smaller than what most people received. Images and description were supposed to be large but plant came smaller than expected. Roots were great. However, packaging was poor. Leaves were folded and torn when received
Healthy plant..
It arrived in great condition, healthy and good roots.
This is the only plant that completely died after a few weeks (except for p.verucossum...)
Lovely plant
Two really big leaves without any major damage, roots were also really good and it acclimated really well after 2 Weeks it started to produce a new leaf highly recommend it! one of my favorites.
A plant I never knew I needed until I saw it in person
I received a healthy, generously sized specimen with an abundance of healthy roots.
Was packaged in a plastic bag, therefore condensation formed in transit and created yellow spots on some leaves.
Otherwise, the plant was beautiful and I would definitely recommend purchasing it.
Awesome plant!
Plant was very well packed and no damage on the 30cm big leaves with very healthy root system. i am very satisfied on this purchase and and it is a beautiful plant.
Will easily be one of your favorites
One of my favorite plants, ordered 2 and they came larger than I expected. Survived transit very well, with little to no damage to the leaves. Once potted, it was quick to acclimatize and the newer leaves started growing exponentially, doubling in size.
perfect condition
The packing is amazingly good. The plants arrived safe and sound. Good size plants and price comparision. Definetly recommended!
Poor root system
Every single plant is a horrible root system here!
They have never improved at all
Beautiful plant
I ordered 2 of them and one plant came perfect one was a little sad condition. But it is ok
Healthy one looks amazing and beautiful!
The first time in my Ecuagenera experience when they almoust made me cry with a perfect and super big philodendron nangaritense.
Impressive, no rehab needed
Wow! Ordered two of these and received huge, sturdy specimens with great roots. Usually plants need some rehab, but these were primo right out the box. Beautiful red petioles and massive leaves. Will likely order a couple more when available.
Super adorable!
I wish I have ordered more. :D Beautiful roots and gorgeous foliage. Many of our friends are looking forward to ordering this plant.
Fantastic plant!
Arrived in great condition, with healthy roots and beautiful leaves and red petioles without any damage. New leaf just came out and it's amazing!
Ecuagenera plants are the best!
Thank you!
Ordered 3 plants and they all arrived in great condition, despite the long journey. Gorgeous, strong plants with nice roots. Highly recommend both the plants and the service from Ecuagerera!
Very High!!!! Beautiful aroid!!!!!! A++++
Nice healthy plant of this hard to find aroid. Two healthy leaves with another on the way. I have planted it into a self-made aroid mix of peat moss, perlite, bark, and a little charcoal.
very nice like photos and perfect arrived with a lot of roots
A new favourite!
This plant arrived in immaculate condition with a fantastic root system. The petioles on this plant have an amazing texture and the leaves emerge a beautiful colour too - definitely one of my favourites
foglie da 15 cm
the plant arrived in perfect condition, there were two leaves of 15 cm each but already had new growth coming.
the plant adapted immediately as the roots were pretty healthy.
Good shape
Received one in good shape. 2 decent sized leaves undamaged and with an emerging shoot, this plant seem to take shipping quite well. Recommend.
Great philodendron to have in your collection
New philodendron type in my collection. Love the fuzzy leaf petioles.
Big Beautiful Plant
This plant arrived quickly in near perfect condition. The stem of this plant is thick and bright red making it very striking to look at.
Healthy Plant - France
This plant arrived in perfect condition, it did not suffer from the trip. I received a Nangaritense with two huge leaves. The third leaf is not out yet but it will not be long!
Planta grande y hermosa
Big beautiful plant with four striking leaves. This plant demands your attention. Really stands out amongst the other plants in my greenhouse. Left it wrapped as shipped for 4 days. It acclimated well to its new environment.
Very pleasantly surprised!
I purchased 3 nangaritense, all arrived in great condition and I exceeded my expectations! They were bigger than expected and did not suffer from the trip. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Great experience!
This was my first time ordering from this company and it was a great experience all around. Good customer service, prompt shipping, good quality plant. I received a plant with 3 leaves and a beautiful pink cataphyl that pushed out a big beautiful leaf.
Love this plant!
I received a healthy plant with 4 leaves, the smallest being 5" across and the largest being 9" across. Big leaves! Very happy with my purchase.
Arrived in nearly perfect condition with 3 nice size leaves and one unfurling.
excellent specimen, sturdy plant
Our plant was actually stuck in the mail for over a week. It arrived healthy, well rooted and the leaves almost flawless. I am continually impressed with the service Ecuagenera provides. Highly recommend this plant.
Beautiful and Easy to grow
I received a good quality plant with minimal damage on its mature leaves. No pest what so ever. Received the plant with 3 big leaves and a small cataphyll which grow out a fresh leaf after 1 week. Definitely it was grown with care at Ecuagenera!! Im a hapoy customer and definitely be purchasing more from them.
First time to see this species of Philodendron in person, really beautiful plant. Three perfect leaves, and beautiful red petioles, nice addition to my collection. Very well packed. Fantastic service from Ecuagenera.
Gorgeous plant
Plant came through the mail very well packaged in Canada. Also had a brand new leaf growing that was not damaged at all... overall very happy with this purchase!
Big Gorgeous Healthy Plant !
Just a very small amount of shipping damage to one of the leaves despite very careful professional packing and packaging.

Very High Recommendation!
Arrived in great condition