Philodendron sharoniae

Philodendron sharoniae

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Disappointing (15/11/2022)
While this plant would have been beautiful it was shipped in completely dry moss, causing the loss of every bit of roots it may have had. After a month of trying to save it I'm losing hope.
5/5 (12/11/2021)
The first plant I got, died in the shipping. I received a replacement which traveled a lot better than the first one. The roots were no good and I had to be rooted in water which was easy. It is in semi-hydro medium and just got a moss pole to climb on. Has already has two new leaves. Excited to see how it does with the moss pole.
beautiful (05/09/2021)
Received a super nice plant.
Very happy that also traveled to Europe in amazing good condition !

Thank you Ecuagenera and all the team for the great work and experience.
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