Evaluaciones de clientes para Dendrobium densiflorum var luteo alba

Dendrobium densiflorum var luteo alba

Dendrobium densiflorum var luteo alba


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Número de evaluaciones: 12
Evaluación media: 4.5
Medium was musty and the roots had signed of rot.
It arrived with very musty sphagnum moss. The roots had signs of rot and damage.
Very Happy
I picked it up at the show, and It was in great shape. the packing was good, no leaf damage whatsoever. I put it in orchid bark, some perlite and hopefully it will acclimate. The specimen was a good size.
It arrived in very goid shape and beautiful orchid.
Cannot wait to see its beautiful flowers.
Ig artived in nice condition however I found it smaller than looks in the photo.
Remains fine so far.
Very nice and beautiful orchid.
I received recently.
Like it
large and healthy plant
Would rate more than 5 stars if I could
Extremely healthy plant probably 2 or 3 times the size of the photo. Started growing several new canes as soon as I planted it. Can't wait to see this thing flower.
I received a big mature plant! Did not get affected by shipping overseas. The plant is currently growing well and is hoping that it will have flowers soon! Great packaging!
Six large canes in excellent shape with sufficient roots to warrant a 4" square pot. Plant arrived ready to start its dry winters rest (1st of December) and with any luck I should see blooms this spring.
Extremely nice plant, bigger than I expected.
I was very impressed with this orchid. It arrived in great shape and is already growing well. I would recommend your orchids.
A great dendrobium
Love hanging dendrobium this is it a wonderful orchid
Six canes, the largest 16 inches, with one new shoot growing. Plant arrived healthy, in good condition.