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Masdevallia striatella

Masdevallia striatella


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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 2.8
Hard to keep
All the leaves dropped in less then a week. Preordered it for pickup at one of their pop up shops. Maybe it's just not a good plant for my location? I tired to keep it cool.
Very nice plant
Plant lost a few leaves while in transit but it recovered within a week and appears healthy and strong; I can't wait for it to bloom.
1/2 the plant that it started out as
This little plant came with dried out moss wrapped around it's roots. Half of the plant was left in the wrapper I unwrapped. It has suffered the most and was showing signs of dehydration in the wrinkling leaves. It has many dried flower spikes visible for the leaf loss. All the little plants are planted in 2" pots inside another 4" pot with more moss surrounding it for more cooling in hopes they survive and grow back to even flower.
less mature than I expected, but in good condition
I would have rated 5* except 6 days of shipping before delivery dried the pants out a bit. I'm hydrating them overnight and will pot them tomorrow.