Evaluaciones de clientes para Laelia purpurata var. atropurpurea

Laelia purpurata var. atropurpurea

Laelia purpurata var. atropurpurea

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Número de evaluaciones: 6
Evaluación media: 5
Large plant
Bloom size plant, healthy . It looks like a division , so it would take awhile for it to bloom. No problem, I will wait for it.
Arrived in spike
And now just a few weeks later 2 buds are developing! So impressed with entire order of 9 plants
like it
large and healthy plant
strong plant and good size
doing well, I have to wait for the next months weather it will adapt
Nice plant
Fats shipping, well packed, healthy plant. 6 weeks after receiving the plant it is producing many new roots so it is very happy.
Gran orquídea, enorme tamaño. Fantástico.