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Evaluación media: 2.8
BEAUTIFUL plant as always ! arrived fresh like a rose, big and mature plant ! so strong ! love it so much !
Great Philodendron
I bought this from the USA site. I did not receive a plant that looks like the one pictured however I think its very unfair to expect a company to produce huge stunning mature specimens when the plant is still very new to cultivation. Give it some time and the plant will look like the one pictured. This is a fast grower and good shipper.
Most basic philodendron I've ever seen.
I'm not even sure what this plant is supposed to be... I thought I couldn't find it on google because it was THAT rare, but I think it's actually just THAT undesirable.. it's small plain basic green leaves. Like a weed. It's not what I expected and definitely not worth the high price tag
Tiny, unimpressive, fake picture
The main picture is NOT even close to what you get.. you get a tiny little plantlet with plain boring leaves- a completely different plant. It's more like what I can only describe as... A mini, basic green philodendron. It looks like a handful of leaves you'd find in a flower bouquet as filler. If I saw it in a store I wouldn't even pay $20 for it... Honestly. I'm really frustrated I paid $100+ for some small plain thing.
Not worth the Price
I´ve really waited a long time to write this review, because i was not sure what to think about this little guy.

First of all The first picture is just a TRAP, you´re getting this unimpressive litte vine with little leaves from the second picture.

The plant arrived in good condition and is growing fast, but the way it looks and grows just doesn´t look good at all, even on a moss-pole with good light the leaves are small, and the distances between them are huge and the texture in the mid vein isn´t that impressive at all. On top often the newest leave just get´s stuck like on melanochrysum. So when you compare this plant to what you can get here for 100$ instead it´s just really NOT worth the price tag, but some idiots (like me) will pay the price anyway, because it´s the only place were you can get it so don´t do the same mistake, especially when your budget is low)