Evaluaciones de clientes para Philodendron plowmanii (medium)

Philodendron plowmanii (medium)

Philodendron plowmanii (medium)

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Número de evaluaciones: 7
Evaluación media: 4.9
Sehr gut
Die Pflanze kam in einem sehr guten Zustand an. Tatsächlich hatte ich wegen des langen Transportweges doch etwas Angst. Nächstes Frühjahr werden wohl noch weitere dazu kommen :)
For being a "medium" sized plant, this thing was gigantic. Impressed.
Highly recommended
Nice specimen and arrived healthy with roots and leaves all intact. Its all up to the customer to make sure you acclimatize your plant upon arrival. That is the key to making sure they survive in a different climate from where they came from.
Plant came a lot larger than expected. 2/4 leaves were yellow and the third eventually died off but the roots were super healthy and is already bouncing back
I agree with the other reviewers, it's GORGEOUS
Did not expect such a big plant! One leaf is bigger than a dinner plate. I think I got lucky, mine had 7 leaves, and a very mature stem. This Philodendron seems to ship well, I'd say it's a lower-risk import. The backs of the leaves are BEAUTIFUL, the veining is much more pronounced than you'd think. In my opinion, from the one's I've seen in person from Ecuagenera, I'd go for this one over the Pastazanum, and over the Mamei. I'm curious as to how big the regular ones are because WOW
I received a healthy specimen with 3 medium-sized leaves and mostly healthy roots. Have been acclimating it for about 2 weeks now, it hasn't lost a leaf and doing very well. I am very satisfied with my purchase!
Amazing Deal
Ordered in February and received very early in March; don't let the (medium) fool you! I received a wonderfully sized plowmanii- Which honestly makes me a little curious how large the regular ones are. I have a three tier grow tent, and this *barely* fits on the top shelf. The leaves (Arrived with 2 and a third nub developing) are massive and didn't yellow in the import process. Incredibly happy with this purchase.