Evaluaciones de clientes para Anthurium draconopterum (medium)

Anthurium draconopterum (medium)

Anthurium draconopterum (medium)

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Número de evaluaciones: 6
Evaluación media: 3.5
Replacement Plant
This is the 2nd time buying this plant. The first died shortly after I got it. This one had 2 leaves that died in 3 days, however, it is sending up a new shoot, so there is hope. I planted it in chunky perlite, leca and orchid bark, in a slotted orchid pot. I'm in Washington, days are 75-85F and nights are 50-60F
Didn't travel well, DOA
I ordered online and picked it up in Tacoma WA. It had 3 nice leaves when I unwrapped it, but they all fell off in a few days and now I have a chonk left, in some soil, waiting to see if it comes back. Not holding my breath. Day temps 75-85F, nights 50-60F
It arrived decent with only two leaves but the leaves were already starting to brown and yellow on the edges but after a few days, both leaves died. The leaves were pretty big and I was excited to get it but it didnt do so well
Even though it has a reputation for being finicky and difficult,with the right shipping period proper acclimation prosses it is like treating a regular anthurium. After 20 days acclimating in a clear prop box, now its living in my living room under grow lights with carefully monitored watering schedule, with average humidity of 50%.
I love it!!
Oh this plan this beautiful detail
So far the plant is doing well