Evaluaciones de clientes para Philodendron heleniae subsp. amazonense

Philodendron heleniae subsp. amazonense

Philodendron heleniae subspamazonense

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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 4.3
Lovely, big plant
Got really big plant, with healthy root system and beautiful big leaves, without any damage! Hope will grow fast, for now I'm very happy with heleniae. Shipped well.
Does not ship well
Really pretty for about two days. Declined very rapidly.
Stunning plant
I got this one in a package deal but I'm pleasantly surprised.
It's a stunning plant, very big and ships well.
I had one yellow leaf out of 6 and 2 pups on the plant.
Fell instantly in love with it❤️
Loving it!
Hold back for this beauty but, no regrets!