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Philodendron squamicaule pink

Philodendron squamicaule pink

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Didn't Travel Well
I ordered online and picked up in Tacoma WA. This plant looked nice when I opened it, but 3 days later it dropped 2 of its 3 leaves. No new growth, but it is still green, so hopefully it will make a come back. Day temps 75-85F, nights 50-60F
Stunning plant
Plant arrived with more roots than expected, and a pretty healthy looking root system. Even most of the secondary roots appeared viable. There were more leaves than expected, and they were more beautiful than pictures. I potted up immediately and supported with a tree fern fibre pole, since it looks like it can grow a little leggy like a verrucosum.
Βeautiful plant !
I have this plant almost 7 months now, when it came it had 3 yellow leaves and 2 green. I chopped the yellow ones and put the rest of the plant in a prop box for acclimation for a month. It started a new leaf in the prop box. After one month in there, I put it in my table top greenhouse where it grows slowly but steadily in 50%humidity and 12 hours under grow lights.
It's a precious plant with dark green leaves , burgundy undersides and fussy petioles. Love it!
I really want to like this plant since this is the second time I've ordered it. The first plant died almost straight away. The second time I ordered two plants just in case. Both were very small, little roots and already looked fatigued & stressed when I received them. So far they are meh & may have stabilized but not hopeful. My recommendation to Ecuagenera is let them grow a little bigger to help handle the stress & I think they would have a higher survival rate since they are a very sensitive aroid. BUT with this being said, almost all of my plants I've received from Ecuagenera are healthy, happy & growing very well.
I’m gonna be so honest, even if it does I would give it 5 stars
I picked up one of these from a popup nearly a month ago. It had ok roots and five leaves. One of the leaves was already yellow in the package, and one more, the oldest/tiniest leaf, yellowed off a week and a half later. I’ve had it in fluval stratum and it hasn’t done anything else one way or the other.

This plant is known for being really difficult, so I’m super happy that it’s still alive for now. But it is simply STUNNING. The colors are so vibrant, the leaves are almost sparkly, and the stems are so soft it’s almost like petting a cat or something. So maybe if you’re interested, try to pick one up in person if you can. It’s 100% worth a try.
So Small
All of the leaves arrived undamaged but it's a tiny plant for the amount of money. For this price I would think I would have gotten a decent size plant. There aren't many roots, maybe 3. I feel terrible because you guys found the plant for me. Hopefully there are enough roots for it to survive. SVery Tiny Plant
It arrived with all 4 leaves dead. 13/07/2022
Today I received my Phil.Squamicaule pink in poor condition. All 4 leaves dead one leaf on the way , the roots thought seem ok while it's soil was dry! I ve cleaned it and it's currently in a jar of filtered water rehydrating. Hope it survives !
It arrived with all 4 leaves dead. 13/06/2022
Today I received my Phil.Squamicaule pink in poor condition. All 4 leaves dead one leaf on the way , the roots thought seem ok while it's soil was dry! I ve cleaned it and it's currently in a jar of filtered water rehydrating. Hope it survives !
The plant came tiny with a rotting stump and barely any roots. Wrapped on soggy spagnum moss and the little amount of roots was all rotted badly into a soppy mess.

Whats the best part? Its been 1 month since i made the report, couldn't save it, and ECUAGENERA IS NOT REFUNDING ME. DONT BOTHER BUYING IT.

Would give zero points if i could.
Sensitive plant
I was expecting this plant to be a bad shipper. The plants root ball was dry and the plant was extremely floppy. I immediately communicated with Ecua and they are working through the process of rehabbing it. Fingers crossed it survives.
Shipped well for me
I got a very beautiful plant with healthy roots and four leaves. One was falling of after unpacking because it was stuck in the packaging. The other leaves are still healthy looking. The plant acclimated well and grows a new leaf now.
Shit quality
Poor packaging don't buy from this place
Very poor quality
I got mine with 4 leaves that were already brown and completely wilted, the petioles are mushy and it looks like the leaves will fall off at any time. The root system is okay, so hopefully it'll survive
Not worth it
The stem was around 3" long in total with 3 leaves and all were falling off. The stem was mushy on the bottom and hard on top. Nice original red color though.