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Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)

Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)

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Beautiful + Healthy
Plant died shortly after arrival - no free replacement
I ordered several plants at Ecuagenera. A good number of those died shortly after arrival due to significant damage because of the cold. Ecuagenera did not offer me a replacement since I only informed them five days after arrival. This is really disappointing. I will not order again.
great customer service
i receive the plant today, pick up at pop up, the one that i ordered arrived in bad shape, the leaves are yellow & the new grow leaf is wet & mushy.
i ask for a change, and they kindly give a replacement plant thats is way bigger than i ordered.
the roots were okay, some of them are dry, but thats okay, due to shippment.
hope the acclimation process turns well.
will order again
This plant came in great condition. No blemishes and pretty generous roots. All of my plants in this order led me to order again already!
No como esperaba
No es como esperaba, por la fotos parecen ejemplares de mayor calidad, jóvenes, fuertes y con toda la vida por delante. El que yo he recibido se le ve envejecido, con el tallo de más de un palmo de alto, con muchas cicatrices de cortes antiguos, como si ya llevara toda una vida. Vino con una hoja grande y aparentemente sana y con una más pequeña que seguramente no se siga desarrollando porque está en mal estado. Como punto positivo, son los más económicos de todo internet.
Received a beautiful plant with two perfect, undamaged leaves. The central tuber is enormous and had several aerial roots growing from it.
Absolutely in shock - from UK
I was speechless opening this, the leaves are massive!! So long, velvety and soft. Its stunning, really healthy roots, came with two beautiful leaves. One was ripped a bit which I accidentally ripped more but I don't mind to much because I'm in love ♡
Shook at the size!
I was absolutely shook when I opened this from the amazing packaging. It was bigger than I expected! 4 leaves! One huge one, one slightly smaller than that, and then 2 smaller 6 inch leaves. Only one of the small leaves had some significant damage (hole just below the lobe, browning tip) the others have very little imperfections, just a tiny spot here and there which is normal. Significant root system. Amazing quality for being imported to Florida. Im absolutely obsessed!
Very nice plant, better than expected!
I just got this and I have waited a long time for it. The plant was packaged expertly and arrived without a blemish, the root system is well-developed. I am so pleased!
2 out of 3 leaves
This was my 1st time ordering from Ecuagenera and it was a bit disappointing. 2 out of 3 leaves were yellow and not salvageable. It hasn't done anything since.
Nice size
I ordered my warocqueanum last month. This and my regale are my first real anthurium tropical plants. The warocqueanum had good roots, was 16 inches long. The only thing I didn't like was the fact the two leaves were stuck together at the top of the petiole. One leaf grew into the nasal top of the first leaf . Other than that it shipped well and was healthy. 2 weeks later and the plant is happy
I bought 2 of these medium Waroc. The size are really good size for the price and it got several leaves. Here comes the problem: leaf broke like it was folded and detached from the stem and it's a NEW LEAF. sad! And the other one, it was harvested too soon. The new leaf is not hardened yet. It's soo soft like a jelly. It might not make it.
Exactly what I hoped it would be
Pristine condition. Perfect packaging. My only complaint is that they lowered the price after I ordered. I preordered far in advance and should have waited.
I am disappointed because the plant has only 1 leaf, if it does not take and the plant sheds this 1 leaf, the whole will die . leaf is 22 cm long.
9/09/22 She was also part of the anthurium bundle, she shipped very well 2 perfect big beautiful leave, healthy lush roots. Thanks Ecuagenera!
Shipping Damage/Stress?
This was our first time ordering/importing a plant. Ours came with 3 big leaves, all in nice shape. However, I noticed one of them was really soft/limp. We've had it about 3 weeks now and it's progressively gotten worse with another leaf curling up and now all 3 have lost color and seem to be dead/dying. I've got it in an Ikea cabinet with good temps/humidity/light and in a net pot with good medium. I think this plant was damaged during shipping due to high heat exposure (I live in SoCal where it's been hot this summer). The other plant that we ordered (Anthurium Friedrichsthalii) has had a similar response, leaves lost color, curled up and are dying, however that one put out a new leaf. I've had a hard time diagnosing what happened, and can only assume these plants got fried during shipping. Will likely try my luck one more time.
Surprised this plant made it here, after what UPS did. Very healthy with root system healthy and in tack. She is the most beautiful plant ever
Came in perfect condition, no leaves lost! Came with three leaves all beautiful, green and had good roots.
It arrived in near perfect condition, it is still alive and even getting a new leaf. It arrived quickly once shipped. The bottom of the leaves were slightly folded and ended up crisping a little but the leaves are still alive and doing well.
Didn't survive shipping
I didn't request a refund in time, so I'm stuck with it, but the Anthurium warocqueanum came with damaged leaf stems and quickly turned mushy after a week. There was no saving it. It looked fine for the first few days, but it was deceptive.
Extremely pleased with the quality and size
I picked my plant up from a pop-up event for which I've pre-ordered this plant for a VERY reasonable price. The plant is extremely healthy and gorgeous. The size is incredible for the price!!
Breathtaking and decent size
I ordered 1 warocqueanum in medium, which came with three leaves. The biggest one is about 15 inches long, which was way exceeded my expectation. There is a reason why they are called queens.
Great plant
The plant I received was larger than I thought it would be, with 2 beautiful leaves. There could have been more roots. It took about a month for it to acclimate to my house. Roots are growing vigorously now in sphagnum.

The upper lobes of one of the leaves started yellowing and turned brown with small black spots on it. I've had to trim it, but I am hopeful that it will not spread much more and will stabilize.
Exceeded my expectations!!!!!
I ordered 4 queens because I had read that they are a hit or miss. I had ordered 2 regular sized and 2 mediums. The mediums were just a tad bit smaller than the regular. So far one of the mediums has given me a huge new leave and the other had 1 leaf fall off and it's currently in my greenhouse hoping it grows a new leaf soon. I had minimal root rot and all of them have strong healthy roots atm.
Worth the wait
Decent-sized leaves and root system! Would say it is truly medium. Lost all but one leaf during acclimation (came with three).
even bigger than i thought, two leaves are already growing. Packaged great.
Alles super gelaufen Pflanze kam wie gerade aus dem Geschäft gekauft bei mir an nochmals danke für die geile Qualität
Greetings from oregon!
Back again! This is my third order and once again not disappointed, they came in perf shape, rehydrated them in water and perlite and so far no damage or leaf loss, also chose the three day shipping thank god so that defo helped all in all great plant! Came with three huge leaves and very healthy root system and its acclimating very well in my home environment.
They call it a medium but my plant came with 3 big leaves, 2 are over a foot long. The plant wasn’t damaged at all in shipping. The leaves are dark green and healthy. I rehydrated the roots for a day before planting it in a chunky aroid mix. Perfect plant.
Beautiful strong
Euagenera is the only one I know that gave me what I want ,good quality plants that last