Evaluaciones de clientes para Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda'

Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda'

Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda' 

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Número de evaluaciones: 12
Evaluación media: 4.7
Beautiful but climate info in description is misleading
Arrived beautifully, with adequate healthy roots after removing the damaged ones. The plant description indicates needing only medium humidity. I believe this to be highly misleading. If a typical waroqueanum requires medium humidity, IMHO this one requires HIGH humidity. This Esmeralda form is far less forgiving of lower humidity levels than the standard form. After well over 6 months, I still have all 3 leaves on my standard waroqueanum (plus 2 new but damaged leaves) but only about one third of one leaf left on the Esmeralda form.
Vastly underrated form of Queen Anthurium
Beautiful green form queen anthurium. I do not know why this form of waroc is not discussed more. Thick leathery leaves, and subtle venation. This plant arrived in great condition to me with 5 leaves and a very nice healthy root system.
Amazing!! She arrived without a single crispy tip totally perfect condition. Minimal root loss.. active growth point about to push a leaf. There was also an inflo! I did remove that to help it heal, potted up in ariod mix and it’s doing well after 2 days!
Great Plant
Ordered from Europe. Came in very good condition minimal mechanicle damage. Size is comparable to the picture. Leaves where a bit darker. Plants where not shiped in soggy moss but dryer cocopeat like substrate resulting in healthy roots without any rootrot. Would recomment even if you're ordering from europe!
Splendid plant!
The plant came to me in great condition - the roots were healthy, it had two large leaves and a third on the way. Both leaves are practically in perfect condition, there is no mechanical damage.
Amazing! Best anthurium i've got in my collection!
Arrived in great condition with bigger than expected leaves. The roots were very healthy. Putting out huge leaves now! The plant was shipped from Ecuador to England in April. Received the plant with many leaves, and shed the smaller ones very slowly. Love this plant so much that my second one is on the way!
Wow! Amazing.
This plant shipped amazing, all the way to Newfoundland, Canada without issue! I recieved a very healthy plant with 3 leaves. Amazing quality, shipped like a champ! Thank you
Beautiful plant and quite long leaves
This plant also had a rough traveling. It arrived fine and nice. It has 3 leaves and the oldest one (smallest) will fall off, probably of shock until I hope it settles in. I know this plant is not so easy going, but it shares the space with good indirect light and the high humidity.
OMG! What a spectacular specimen!
Received order Dec 17 2021 that was dispatched from the Fl. Hub 9n Dec. 15 2021.
1st. Packaging hands down A1+++
2nd. Incredibly georgious!
3rd. This plant is ginormous for a "seedling"?! Really?
Completely blown away and SHOCKED by the unbelievable quality and size of this plant.
Ecuagenera, dunno how you do it, your prices and selection are insane! Again completely delighted by this order with Ecuagenera.
Healthy big plant
I received a healthy plant with two large leaves, that shipped very well. P
I ordered a mature plant, I received a seedling.
I ordered a mature plant and I received a seeding very different from the plant advertized, even tho I asked them to send me a big plant and they agreed and noted it down on my invoice, they sent me an small seedling.

All the plants from my last 3/4 orders have significantly downgraded the quality and specially the size, most of them are just seedlings.

If I knew I was going to receive a seedling I wouldn’t have ordered a "mature" plant.