Anthurium besseae aff (medium)

Anthurium besseae aff (medium)

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Stunning, strong healthy, zero ship stress (28/04/2023)
Beautiful. This plant shimmers on the front and back. Zero leaf loss and already rooting. Size was smaller than pictured, included 3 leaves total.
Plant died shortly after arrival - no free replacement (12/03/2023)
I ordered several plants at Ecuagenera. A good number of those died shortly after arrival due to significant damage because of the cold. Ecuagenera did not offer me a replacement since I only informed them five days after arrival. This is really disappointing. I will not order again.
Very nice, healthy plant (08/07/2022)
Healthy plant shipped all the way to Sweden. No problem problems with roots or leaves. Have it in my cabinet with some extra humidity for now (just to be safe).
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