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Philodendron plowmanii

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Philodendron plowmanii

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Number of ratings: 125
Average rating: 4.5
Jedna z trzech zamawianych roślin . Przyszła w stanie idealnym, brak uszkodzeń na liściach. Pięknie wybarwiona. Jestem w wielkim szoku biorąc pod uwagę, że przesyłka była zamawiana miesiąc temu.
Got unlucky
Picked up in person. Reviews for this products are usually strong but I guess I got unlucky. I lost every leaf in 3 days and the roots look bad, too. I think its stem rot, there's a soft black spot developing underneath where the plant crawls.
Healthy plant, shipped well
Plant was shipped to me during winter, and it arrived without leaf loss and with healthy roots. I've had it a little over 2 weeks and a new leaf is already popping. Not sure how large other reviewers were expecting, but mine came with the newest leaf being a little bigger than my (average sized woman) hand. Had 3 established leaves and plenty of roots on arrival.
don't bother
They sent me a juvenile plant, the same size as their "medium" sized plant, so save your money and don't order this one thinking you'll get a mature plant. Anyway, it died within 2 weeks of arriving
Beautiful healthy plant
Picked it up at the Montreal pop up in August 2022. It was in perfect condition with plenty of roots.
Small.. =(
Leaves are small, 5 inches for the biggest. Probably just to the live sale so you know what plant to get. But how come the Youtubers always have a big leaves, do they send you a bigger plant if your are a Youtuber????
Healthy plant
All of my plants came in good condition, very healthy
Beautiful plant. Shipped well, nice size, new growth.
sehr gut
man hatte mir mitgeteilt,dass die lieferung anfang/mitte april zugestellt würde: dies war tatsächlich der fall. die pflanze war sehr gut verpackt,keines der blätter war beschädigt. sie hat sich wundervoll entwickelz und ich erfreue mich sehr an ihr. ich kann ecuagenera nur weiterempfehlen.
Weird speckles
I got it in during winter and the plant came in with 1 yellow leaf, 4 leaves total. Amazing packing this time around. 4 stars for shipping
Minus 1 star because their is strange speckling that is not part of the species type and it looks sick.
Such a great plan. It arrived completely healthy and strong. I had him for a few months now and he tripled in size and is still growing. Definitely recommend this one
Didn't take long to acclimate
Already on leaf number two after just 3 months of importing.
Packing of plant wasn't great for winter with no insulation so the plant arrived dead and mushy. only 1 inch of a stem is left that I don't know will survive.
Nice, healthy plant
This plant was sent to me in winter at like -5° Celsius, packaged warm and save, arrived without any damages.
The first two pictures on this listing show really mature Plowmanii´s while the last two pictures show really immature ones. Didn´t really know what i should expect there and it would be nice if it was written down in the description, which one you can expect.
I got one of the immature plants. It has three leaves and a moderatly good rootsystem.
Arrived in good condition and much bigger than expected!
I ordered this plowmanii (to Germany) as my first order from ecuagenera. It was really well packed! There was no damage at all. Roots were very healthy. I was really surprised about the size. It’s a really big plant. I own it now 2 months and it’s giving me the third leaf in my care. I love the plowmanii so much it’s really one of my favorites and I would definitely buy it again! So happy to see it thriving.
Amor Ecuagenera,
Sus plantas nunca han fallado mis espectativas. Otro pedido con el que estoy muy contenta. Plowmani llego en perfect estado, con unas ojas, grandes, preciosas, y raices sanas. Muchas gracias Ecuagenera!
Incredible roots, healthy leaves, no pests
2 days in mail shipping from Germany to Austria during January and still arrived in great condition. No signs of root rot. I was even surprised at how much roots it had. The leaves seemed to have made it without too much cold damage, the plants were sent with a heat pack that arrived still warm, but winter in europe can still be agressive. Hopefully it will adjust to my apartment properly. Insta: @burgundy.z
The most beautiful plant ever.
OMG the plant I received I very large and is the most beautiful plant I have ever seen. Came super healthy. The plant is just amazing and so pretty. Everyone should own one. I will for sure have to get more. I am beyond happy with my purchase.
Everyone should own one of these philodendrons. From beginner to expert, they are just stunning. I think I am going to purchase the silver one next, honestly stunning. It was super easy for me to acclimate this plant and no I do not place any of my plants in a green house, I group them. Everyone is happy and doing just fine. My climate permits me to grow it outside but I am keeping this beauty inside to enjoy. Thank you Ecuagenera and Karla for your help.
Nice big plant in excellent health.
I was pleasantly surprised with the size and health of plant. Leaves and roots are strong and there is no sign of stress week after the arrival.
beautiful 2 leave specimen with 1 new shoot
very satisfied, beautiful leaves with no damage. Mine's 2 medium size leaves with one small shoot coming up. No problem acclimatizing to my tropical climate. Will be back to purchase more. Highly recommend as this seems like a no fuss plant!
Für den Preis absolut Top
Tolle Pflanze bin begeistert
Large and beautiful plant, arrived in good condition. Needs to be re-rooted and recover from shipping. I soaked it in a tub of distilled water plus hydrogen peroxide and super thrive for a few hours. Then left the base in water to re root and placed in high humidity area.
Received one with 3 leaves and lots of healthy roots. Leaves were starting to yellow but has not worsened since I received it 1 month ago. New leaf has already unfurled. Happy with purchase.
A nice, healthy plant.
Gorgeous plant with three leaves. Very healthy
The plant is beautiful and has been putting down ariel roots. Thanks to the help of Karla Yanza at Ecuagenera I placed the plant in a pot of moss and perlite, then into a large, clear plastic bag for humidity. It's looking great. I'll definitely be ordering again!
Beautiful, Healthy plant
It's beautiful and shipped extremely well. No shipping damage and the roots were excellent.
I had a great experience placing the order on the website, following up with the order, and shipment arrival. Ecuagenera e-mailed me every step of the way, so I knew exactly when my order was arriving. My Philodendron plowmanii was perfectly packaged, very healthy, and I had no problem adapting it to my plant room. A month later the plants I bought are thriving! Definitely, I will buy from Ecuagenera again.
Beautiful and in great condition
Received this plant with 3 big leaves and 1 cataphyll. Roots are healthy.
3 leaves healthy plant with good roots
Beautiful plant
Great looking plant, no visible damage, it arrived with 7 leaves, biggest leaf 20cm. with good roots and will acclimate in no time.
Great plant
The plant is very pretty. Leaves are small, but dense.
received a beautiful plant with four leaves, two died which is normal when receiving plants from another country. Good root system!
Ordered 2 in 2 separate orders
I ordered this plant hoping to eventually put it in my landscape, as I live in the subtropical United States. The first one I received had several leaves of about 4-5 inches. It was in a kind of twisted spiral growth pattern of the stem, but did have several viable roots. Since this is a crawling philodendron, I will have to grow and propagate the stem to get something I can put in the ground. So I ordered a second one with my next order. I only received it yesterday. It is also a small plant with 3 leaves one of which had entirely yellowed, largest leaf about 6 inches long. It does have some viable roots and it's small stem is in a more crawling growth pattern. So I hope it rehabs quickly without losing too many roots. It will still be a few years before it can go into the landscape since it is a small plant.
Really nice and big plant. After couple of months I got a new two times bigger leaf!
Big Disappointment
I purchased this plant during their summer sale and what a big disappointment. The plant had 3 yellowed leaves with a tiny stem and minimal roots. Ordering with Ecuagenera is like a gamble and I have been losing lately with my orders. The plants I’ve been receiving are becoming more mediocre and mediocre. It will take months before the plants recover.
Ordered two Plowmanii to Europe, one month apart. First one came much smaller, while second was huge! Both acclimating well. The second one has much more markings too, so there is definitely some interesting variety for the plowmanii
Beautiful specimen
I've been ordering for a few years now and most of the time the specimens are always larger than expected. Beautiful plant, it looks even more beautiful in person.
Excellent plant
I think the number of positive reviews on this are enough to convince you to get this plant, but here's mine anyway. This plant arrived in such great condition, with nice leaves and a good root system. You really can't go wrong with this one. It's not at all fussy and acclimated very well. Highly recommend!
ships well to singapore with stunning leaves and a good root system
great product
Plant came smaller than expected after seeing photos from website. Roots were healthy though so hopefully the new leaves will be bigger and nicer!
Healthy plants, very happy owner
I ordered two Philodendron Plowmanii plants. They arrived very fast and in great condition. Only leaves were a little bit crumpled, which is normal. Roots were healthy and the plants started growing with no problems in a few days. Both of them sprouted new leaves within two weeks after arrival.
I'm very happy with my purchase.
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
3 medium Leaves and 1 small
This plant recovers extremely quick!
This plant arrived in pretty poor condition due to a delay in the package being delivered. Most of the roots were goners and only two of the original leaves survived shipping. However this plant has been here for less than a week and it's already growing new roots and starting to grow a new leaf! I am very impressed by how quickly this plant has bounced back and adjusted to its new home.

Absolutely amazing plant and I cannot wait to see how it'll grow.
Very good quality. Lots of healthy roots.
Exellent plant! Very good quality.
Big plant!
Much bigger than i expected. Came in good condition as well. Lots of healthy roots. And after 3 weeks upon arrival New leaves are developing.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Wonderful Plant
Absolutely stunning plant in person.
Was well rooted and was packed in plastic.
Due to some condensation touching the leaf while in transit, yellow spots began to form, but otherwise the specimen was very beautiful and very generous in size.
Would recommend purchasing this plant.
A couple of leaves were wet upon arrival and died but the plant had a quick recovery. Decent size and root system.
Impressive plant
Received with 4 huge leaves and 1 emerging leaf. Roots were abundant and very healthy too.
Big healthy plant
Arrived with 3 large leaves.
I must admit it arrived way larger than I expected.
Healthy. Well secured in transport with no damage to it.

A lot of healthy roots.
Love it!
Another beautiful and healthy plant. I have ordered from here a few times now and have been happy every time. The plants do vary in size, but they always arrive quickly once shipped and all have been healthy. They rehab well and I haven't lost a plant I have ordered from Ecuagenera yet. I will continue to be a repeat customer.
Beautiful, large, healthy specimen. Love the packaging. All my plants arrived healthy. I'm very happy with my purchase.
I couldn't even imagine to receive such huge leaved plowmanii. I mean, it's big! Two beautiful leaves on a big trunk and no sign of travel. Those that I've seen shipped from Ecuagenera before have barely been half of this big. I hope it will keep on this growth pattern.
This order was my first at Ecuagenera and not the last. Ordered 2 p. Plowmanii and came to Slovenia ( Eu), with healthy rooth system, very well packed and new leaves on the way.
It's absurde how beautiful this plant is in persone.
I don't know that everyone actually received huge plants, and even saw someone in the comments received more than 12 inches. Maybe I was out of luck, the leaf I received was less than 10cm. I wrote to the customer service, just wishing me good luck next time.
Anyway, the plant is very healthy
one of the most amazing foliage I have ever seen !
Wow amazing
The plant that was shipped is more than 12 in tall and has five huge leaves. The root system is a little bit small but overall the plant is in great health
Very good
Very nice plant in good condition. Need to improve customer service.
Pretty decent import
Ordered this as a little tester to see how plants from Equagenera will ship to my place in California. Overall not a bad experience, the plant was decently large and had 4 leaves on arrival. There was a pretty decent amount of root dehydration that had to be cut off eventually because they were unsalvageable. Luckily the plant was able to re-root in water over the past few weeks and is finally in soil. Might be a bit of a project, but I think it's worth it.
Review after a month
The plant was in bad condition when arrived, roots and stems were not doing well and leaves were all damaged.

After 2 weeks of strong circulation and high humidity, it grew new leaf. And due to the plant getting damage near the node, there were also 2 additional new growth points.
My first plant was lost in the mail. Ecuagenera worked with me and sent me another plant and it was definitly worth the wait. It is very beautiful and hhealthy. Not my first order and it won't be my last. I aam very pleased.
Quite healthy and nice plant, but bad packing
Received quite healthy plant with 4 damaged leaves, cause packaging was not very well done (the stems and leaves were bent/wrapped in rough brown paper and packed in a very small box). A softer packaging material would be better. However, healthy plant and has grown one new leaf since arrival. :)
I'm happy
Great purchase and find!
Plant arrived safely in timely manner, with good packaging! A leaf was lost in shipping but that's expected, another was unfolding and safely opened!
I definitely recommend the company and this beautiful plant
Great healthy plant.
Arrived a little droopy but seemed very healthy. After a few weeks, it is now rooting really well and starting to show signs of new growth.
Beautiful leaves but roots were rotten
Came with 5 leaves, 2 yellow and 1 not opened yet. The healthy leaves are gorgeous but the root rot is making it a challenge to acclimate but I'm overall very happy!
Giant stump
Came with 3 large leaves on a giant stump with healthy roots!
really impressive for the pricepoint!
mostly good
Came with two large leaves, one had snapped in shipping, at no fault of the seller. It also came on a huge stump. The roots weren't great, as most of them had rotted.
Large i mean XL. Tons of nodes and I don't have a big enough pot to lay this beast down. Roots came in decent shape. Overall very good experience.
Huge leaves
Leaves already yellowed and looking to drop after shipping. Does look like it has new growth though...
Huge leaves but small root system
The plant I received had 3 huge leaves and came from a huge chonk. But the root system was relatively small. All roots were intact so I'm confident it will thrive once it has recovered from shipping.
Plant came with 3 good size leaves. 2 leaves shriveled the day after arriving. The roots are decent minus a bit of rotting in a small portion which I had to treat. I am curious to see how this plant grows.
smaller than expected
came with 2 medium and 2 small leaves. definitely more like the size of the last few photos. but what's important is it came healthy with strong roots so that is good! recovered quickly from travel and starting to put out a new leaf 1 week onwards
Travelled very well and arrived with 3 relatively large sized leaves. Mine didn’t have white markings but still a really beautiful and healthy plant with awesome roots!
Lovely Plant
Plant was shipped in very dry soil, so all four stems and leaves were hanging down. It lost already two, the next days maybe a third.
I received an email on March 4th saying I'd receive my plant by the end of the month. Today is the 25th. This guy was potentially in the mail for 3 week. My plant came excellently packaged and in beautiful shape. 10 out of 10. Will purchase from this website again.
Root rot and not acclimating
I bought 2. Arrived with 2-3 leaves and ok roots on one but the other one arrived with almost all roots with rot. At first, the plant looks great because the leaves did not take any damage, but the plants is very floppy. I've placed it in my greenhouse, but they have not perked up yet and the leaves are starting to yellow. I'm afraid all the leaves will die. Its been a week already!
I ordered first time from Germany and 4 different plants at once: a P. mamei, P. plowmanii, P. bannoniae and a M. subpinnata. When the package arrived I was worried about the size it was small and slender. I thought 4 plants in this? they will be crushed or small, but no. The Leaves were very well and carefully wraped in Paper, all neat packed so nothing would be tossed around inside. When I unwreaped everything I had 4 healthy, large plants with only one minor damage to one leave and very healthy and lots of roots on all of them. This one came 3 large Leaves of ca 25cm length.
Very good!
The plant was a nice size and well wrapped. The plant was healthy too. Will definitely purchase more plants in the future.
bad luck
arrived with 2 big beautiful leaves, unfortunately its roots were rotted. i ordered 5 plants and only this one had extensive rot - bad luck i guess
3 leaves, great customer service, fast delivery!! (UK)
Fast shipping, good packaging and fantastic customer service. Plant arrived in fantastic condition with 2 mature leaves and one unfurling. Shipping to UK was very fast without any issues. Root system was great but due to Phytosanitary treatment (usually very harsh treatment) I lost loads of root system. I will definitely order again. Thank you
Root rot, but hopefully it will recover.
It came with 2 big beautiful leaves and a budding third, but unfortunately the root system was completely rotted. I paid for faster shipping and a heat pack, so not sure if it was the temp that caused it or pre-exisiting issues. Two weeks later, I've chopped both leaves and hoping energy will go into putting out a new root system and some good growth in the spring and summer season.
good experience in general
I received a big plant with extensive root system. They struggled from winter shipping but bounced back very fast.
Over expectations
I was waiting for a small, maximum 2 to 3 leaves plant and I got a quite big, w 4 healthy leaves and a new shoot coming on.. good root system. The only plant I got from here that actually came with little to no shipping damages.
I'm in love with this plant ❤️
bad luck
Out of the 3 plants I ordered, this was the only one with existing root rot. I had to cut the roots out and pot it in moss. The 2 leaves are huge though.
Great condition and great plant
The plant arrived in impeccable condition, healthy roots, good looking leaves and a new leaf on the way that is now unfurling. Would definitely buy it again.
Perfect plowmanii
Arrived well packaged and with nice healthy roots.
Awesome healthy plant.
Better than expected. It shipped perfectly and arrived in amazing condition. The packaging was great. It was my first time ordering with Ecuagenera but they now have a new faithful client. Customer service was awesome as well. Really happy with the purchase!
Good condition over all needs some issues with the roots
The plant arrived the other day. Let's face it, my plowman had to travel a long way to get to me and the weather has been cold. So I am pleased to say that the leaves arrived without damage, but the roots are not as good as they could be. Its in re-hab and so far so good
Nice plant but bad packing
Received this plant with badly damaged leave. Would be good to improve on the packing.
I had been stalking the restock of this one for a while on Ecuagenera website. And boy did it not disappoint! I love it! Thank you Ecuagenera!
Fantastic plant, 3 big leaves, nice roots, took about 3 weeks to get. Hope I can keep this plant as healthy as it came. Will purchase from this company again.
Healthy plant arrived to the UK
This was my first time buying with Ecuagenera and i am so pleased! The order did take a while, i ordered in Jan and it arrived beginning of March but i didn't mind as we did have some cold weather. My plant arrived with hardly any leaf damage! 1 big leaf and 4 smaller ones, the root system looks good too. Will definitely buy again!
Amazing plant
Very good looking and healthy plant, really good size too. Has grown two new leaves since arrival and during winter, adapted very well to the new environment and recovered amazingly from shipping. I'm truly pleased with this plant
Healthy and thriving, so far.
My plants arrived in good condition. The plowmanii has good sized leaves, healthy root system. I was able to pot it up immediately and it is thriving.
Poor packaging has cause leaves to bend and broken mid rib
A correction to my previous post about poor packaging. I released that this has causes the leaves to bend in the middle and actually broken the leaf mid rib.

It's unfortunate , it is a nice plant but extremely poor packing and handling locally
Much bigger than I expected
I ordered express shipping but due to USPS delay, it arrived a week after shipment. Despite the delay, the plant is in great shape. The roots are not as established, but it shouldn't take long to rehab
A bunch of healthy leaves
But little roots. One leaf did die off immediately.
Has healthy roots, but poor packaging
Nice plant with 3 healthy decent size leaves. Slight blemishes on the leaves but understandable because of the shipping.
However, the packaging was not very well done. The local agent pass me the plant with the brown paper packaging bended at the stem so all the stems are bended at an awkward angle but fortunately, nothing seems broken. Shall wait for the plant to climatise and see if it recovers
Two plants ordered
Two plants ordered, received in a 7.5/10 condition. Needed to cut some of the leaves of due shipping damage. But the roots were healthy, no doubt that the plants will grow into strong plants!
Wonderful condition of the plant
I ordered around early to mid January and received an email stating my order would arrive around the second week of February. This plowmani arrived in wonderful condition, no damage to the leaves and plenty of beautiful healthy roots. It came with three large leaves, and as it has been 3 days since it arrived home, no late response to stress shipping has appeared on them. Very very pleased with my order. For reference, I am in California and I upgraded to USPS Express shipping which I highly recommend.
Loving it!
Hold back for this beauty but, no regrets!
The plant arrived healthy with two beautiful leaves, and another pushed out after two weeks. Good roots. I am pleased with my purchase. 100% highly recommended.
Excellent Plowmanii!
The Plowmanii was delivered in about a month. I live in Germany which is why I had doubts whether the plant would arrive in good condition, however the plant arrived in excellent condition with some big leaves and good roots.
Excellent Plowmanii!
Excellent and Gorgeous Plowmanii!
Arrived with 3 gorgeous leaves and a slimy baby shoot due to delay in shipment. However it’s a resilient plant (with stable stem and roots). After 4 weeks, baby shoot is finally unfurling. An excellent specie and worth every dollar invested.
Huge leaf
Some leaf damage when the plant came as expected due to shipping, but the plants are gorgeous. I ordered 2 and I did have to re root though because some of the roots died/dried out on shipment. Its finally rooting now after 27 days! If you dont have patience to root them, please consider that there is a risk that the plant may come with poor root system.
Gorgeous plant, as always from Ecuagenera. The best company to order from for sure in terms of price/ quality/customer service.
Unfortunately, due to Brexit border delays, my plants were in the mail for an extra 5 days and they are all dead, but this is not Ecuageneras fault.

Highly recommend.
very good
Very happy with this flower and with this online store.
Perfectly packaged .It even comes to Europe.
Packaging can be better to prevent leaves from crumpling.
This plant is AMAZING, it arrive in perfect condition, beautiful leaves and great roots. 3 days after planting it pushed new leaf ( November in Poland)
100% highly recommend
Thank you ! :)
Awesome size of one specimen
I ordered two, one had a decent size and the other one had two 30 cm leafs and a third one unfurling.
The roots were also in a very good condition!
Amazing large leaves (EU)
I ordered this plant knowing the weather could be harsh, especially during the month of December but the plant came with 3 leaves (one of the unfortunately snapped in transit). The plant leaves are over 30 cm in length each (wow!). Root system is substantial, healthy and sturdy. Lovely sheen on the leaf blades. Can recommend Ecuagenera anytime!
Very well packed and healthy roots
From Ecuador to the EU (Portugal), very well packed. The plant shipped well. I received a very decent size plant, with 2 leaves plus 1 unfurling, and healthy roots. The new leaf has already unfurled, and the plant is doing great. I'm very happy with this purchase! From this experience, I recommend Ecuagenera!
Lovee the size of these plants!
I just received this plant and it has come from Ecuador to California US. DURING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER! I am absolutely completely blown away. Ecuagenera hasn’t disappointed me with any of the orders I’ve placed, but this one IS CRUCIALLY IMPRESSIVE. During winter?!!
This Plowmanii, though, would impress me at anytime of year. It’s HUGE! It is the biggest, most beautiful specimen I’ve had the absolute pleasure of purchasing from Ecuagenera so far.
100% highly recommend, and 100% will continue to be a proud customer.
Good shape (to EU)
Plant came in with a good size, barely any damage. very happy about the purchase.
some damage but healthy overall
It came with 3 leaves (around 4-5 inches), with significant rips and holes. However, the plant had extensive roots and pushed new growth within a month. (Ordered in July to Canada)
Arrived well packed and healthy. Well rooted and leaves intact.
I got this plant severl months ago but I write this rewiev now. The plant arrived in super good condition and pretty good size also! It has grown nicely and I really recommend this!
Replacement plant
The first one came in super poor and didn't make it through but they sent me a replacement. Much better shape the second time around. It didn't take long for new leaves it puts out for me and it's absolutely gorgeous!
5+ stars, love my plants
So happy with my purchase. The plant arrived in great condition, you couldn't tell that it had been shipped. The root system was healthy. There was great communication from the seller as to when the plant would be shipped. I received tracking info when the plant shipped from Florida. Was so happy I ordered 2 more plants. This was my first purchase from an overseas seller and it was a great experience.