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Philodendron elegans

Philodendron elegans

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.2
Leaves not great, roots healthy
Unfortunately many of this plants leaves came in yellow and quite a few were dropped, fortunately though this plant came in quite large and the roots were just fine, it recovered from shipping without a problem, and I have propagated it multiple times now.
Arrived W/ Lower Half Complete Mush
Upon receiving and in packaging this plant from my 3 plant order I opened the brown bag that the plant was placed inside of for transport. Immediately noticed the lowest leaf was an actual pile of mush laying on the paper. The petiole it was originally attached to was completely yellow and water logged and fell off with a slight nudge. The node that the leaf had attached to the main stem of the plant was half rotten leaving a big chunk missing and all of the roots were a giant ball of rot which of course also had an extremely pungent stench of rotten fish “fertilizer”. Should be a fun complete rehab project.
4 stars
It showed up big and healthy looking but unfortunately the root system was very small. I put him in water to try to grow more. Lost a couple leaves but so far so good. He is still alive!
Some dead leaves
It arrived with great packing. It had some dead yellow leaves, but 2 others that where okay and one on its way. It is a very pretty with delicate leaves. I would recommend it. It looks like it will be a large specimen.
Large and Healthy
I had my shipment come in yesterday (I'm in Singapore) so this is based on the product I have just received. It is beautiful, with 5 large leaves as pictured, and a new leaf on the rise. Root system looks strong. I could not be more delighted with my purchase given how far it has travelled. I am confident this will acclimate well, barring the usual jet lag issues.
Large plant, required root rehab
Big, beautiful plant. The roots weren't well established and rotted during transport, but there were several healthy nodes and aerial roots. I rerooted in water and it responded very well. New roots visible after only a few days! Very happy with this purchase.
Both plants I bought were large and had 5-6 leaves. They’ve both dropped one, the roots were slightly damaged, but after about 3 weeks of care, they are growing new roots and putting out new leaves. Very pleased.
Beautiful but packaging needs work.
This plant is a large specimen which is awesome. due to packaging though, leaves were snapped, and roots had melted a bit. Still great for the price, but with other competitors shipping with polyfill now and days, Ecuagenera should invest in this method as well.
Beatiful plant!
Very beautiful, healthy plant, with good few leaves. No damages on the leaves or the roots. Roots well established and healthy. On top of that, dealing with customer service is a pleasure. Responsive and extremely helpful!
Just received my elegans....plant is good sized with 5 leaves...two of which yellowed in transit. Leaves are all in juvenile form, none in the typical saw toothed shape yet. The roots are excellent though so I think it will be fine!
Large happy plant!
Much more plant than I was expecting! Great roots and healthy. It was a little floppy from shipping stress but its perked up beautifully. I am looking forward to watching it grow and develop the mature leaf form.
Very large and strong specimens but issues with USPS meant they were dead
I ordered four of these plants! Unfortunately, the company mailed them right at the moment that USPS was dealing with the 2021 polar vortex, so the plants were in transit for about 10 days and most of them did not make it. The plants were very large and I think would have done well if USPS hadn't messed up the overnight shipping. One plant had a few viable nodes that I am trying to salvage, but I received a refund for the others that did not make it. I am very pleased with how Ecuagenera handled the issues and will order again. These plants were HUGE, about 18-24 inches long, with thick leaves and stems. Leaf forms were juvenile but well-formed (and except for the damage in transit, I think they would have done very well!) The company now ships with FedEx and I will order again. My only complaint is that they did not wait to ship out the plants until the weather and shipping were better. Do make sure you pay for the insured shipping in case of other USPS issues!
Highly recommended
My elegantly formed specimen of p.elegans arrived green and vigorous, muscular even, with beautiful roots. It has quickly produced two new leaves. I am delighted with it.
So Pleased with this purchase
This plant arrived in excellent condition. I purchased one from another (local) seller, and they don’t even resemble the same plant. This one had a much stronger root system. Thanks so much
5 stars
Nice size. I give it 4 stars. Had to water prop
beautiful and big specimen with three leaves
Beautiful specimen of this unique philodendron
Plant arrived healthy with new leaf forming.