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Anthurium pulcachense

Anthurium pulcachense 

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Number of ratings: 11
Average rating: 4.9
I have had this plant for about a week and it has not skipped a beat. I arrived perfect and has remained perfect. Healthy root system and is growing. I am very happy with how my order turned out and will do another order soon.
The plant itself look like a giant broad plantain. The plant delivered was pretty big as shown on the pictures. No root rot, all perfect. Leaf lenght 20cm+
This beauty arrived in superb condition.
The plant that i got is extremely large.
Didn't expect to get it so large.
4 beautiful leaves.
Really a beautiful specimen.

A lot of health root!

I am extremely happy
Love the leather type leaves
Perfect plant. Larger than expected. Leaves are so thick and leathery to the touch. This one is needed in everyone's collections.
beautiful healthy plant!
Very pleased with this plant, thick leathery leaves, no yellowing no browning weeks later!
very healthy
My plant came with no leaf damage on any of its four leaves, and the roots were very healthy
2 Healthy Happy Plants
Received two healthy and happy plants. Given the maturity and stem size, I would disagree with the rating below and think these are valued correctly. The leaves are tough and they've acclimated quickly and well with new roots abound.
Very good
My plant arrived in excellent condition. Good roots that were ready to be potted, thick, leathery leaves and already putting out a new one.
Gorgeous plant with a good root system. Arrived with 3 healthy leaves. One of the leaves arrived a bit shrivel, but otherwise the plant traveled well.
Lovely specimen
I gave it a four star because of the price, received this product healthy, the leaves are like hard leather ! not a head turner like the crystallinum but still a beauty! roots are great! petiole looks strong as hell! overall its nice but the price should go down $10 less.
Beautiful, healthy plant
Beautiful plant with dark green, leathery leaves. Healthy roots. Bigger than expected. Amazing triangular stems.