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Anthurium pedatum

Anthurium pedatum

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.6
gezonde plant
Plant moet nog zijn volwassen bladeren krijgen. Ziet er verder prima uit. Plant maat is medium. heeft 5 bladeren. Heeft het vervoer prima doorstaan.
Beautiful plant ! so well wrapped and arrived fresh like a rose ! mature plant !
Lovely plant.
The plant has a very healthy root system and gorgeous leaves, after two weeks it has acclimatised really well and starting to produce a new leaf.
big and so beautiful
wow, such a great plant, and soon big leafs. It had only some kinks on the very big leaf, because it was very hard to fit in that box. But it had a very big stump and a very good root system.
I am so pleased with ordering here. There was no yellowish thing, and they are super healthy and staying straight after 1 week now
Huge mature plant
The plant I received had two leaves and a very thick stem. One leaf was huge (at least a foot long), with mature lobes. Some roots were broken but I believe this is a hardy plant that will recover just fine. I'm very happy with this plant.
Great plant
Received a great looking plant with mature foliage and abundant rootball.

Arrived with 2 healthy leaves without rot on the roots.

I would highly recommend purchase especially given its price. However, you might receive a plant without mature leaves but i am confident that it'll be a great looking plant either way.
Extremely vigorous seedling arrived in the coldest part of the year in northeast US. Nice root system and a plant with at least 5 large leaves, and one new leaf coming off the base. No damage whatsoever from the cold attests to the excellent shipping methods used by the folks at Ecuagenera. Will order once again!
very well rooted, perfect condition, a bit on the smaller side
Pictures promise a different product
I received einher a very young plant or a different Spezies, which is Hard to know only by searching the Internet. The leaf shape is not as depicted in the pictures, so I can only wait and see and hope for the best. Would not expect such a deviation folsom the pictures for that price.
I just love this one. Came in healthy, with good roota and no single sign of travel. Pushing a new leaf now.
Wonderful plant
Arrived in superb condition. 2 beautiful leafs . Healthy, with healthy roots and stem.
Well packaged and secured.

Thank you!!
Nice size. Very healthy.
very good
Arrived in great shape and looks very good. Probably the best condition in the 11 plants I ordered
Love this plant
This was the first plant I ever ordered from ecuagenera. It was packed great and arrived with healthy roots and 4 leaves. It has since put out a new leaf. I’m extremely happy with every purchase I’ve made from them. So far I have ordered from ecuagenera 4 times and own 8 of their plants. Thanks for making such beautiful plants available to hobbyists!
Small but beautiful
The plant arrived with minor leaf damage although packaging was very good (shipping temperatures in Europe were not). Two leaves and smaller than expected. Still a healthy plant with a good root system!
Great plant to add to your collection!
Bulletproof anthurium survives outside, understory or trees, through winters here in (central) California. Gets one to two new leaves a year.
Excellent specimen of this anthurium