Customer ratings for Lycaste macrophylla var. litensis

Lycaste macrophylla var. litensis

Lycaste macrophylla var. litensis

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Number of ratings: 4
Average rating: 5
very nice
Two large new growths and multiple large back bulbs. Bushy. Roots are not so good, which is understandable.
Excellent plant, actually much larger than I expected to get.
I've just received this, but I can see it will do very well and should bloom soon. The price was much less than I would expect for such a mature plant. I will definitely be coming back to Ecuagenera in the future.
Healthy plant
The plant I received has one new growth and several old pseudobulbs. The roots were relatively healthy. Since this is a terrestrial orchid, I've potted in a mix of coco peat and pumice. Will see how it grows.
Very nice plant with good roots
I potted this up when I received it and it bloomed soon after that. Flowers appear to be consistent with the species identified. The plant is doing very well in my greenhouse.