Customer ratings for Phragmipedium Eumelia Arias

Phragmipedium Eumelia Arias

Phragmipedium Eumelia Arias

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.9
planta con varios brotes
planta con varios brotes
very healthy and big
Healthy plant
Preordered for pickup at a popup. Plant looked healthy. After less then three weeks it's already getting some new leaves.
Great plant!
Healthy, great size, growing new leads and roots less than three weeks after I picked it up. Very happy with it!
very healthy plant
Large plant
Picked up at pop up and got a large one, but the packing was not very well, there were some rot leaves, and the stem is black. Will keep monitoring.
Nice plant
Received a healthy and nice plant
Like it
large and healthy plant
The plant arrived Toronto Canada wrapped in spag moss. Pickup was easy and smooth. Multi growths. Quite healthy root system only a few root rot. Came with a flower spike but turn brown shortly after. Slowing recovering.
Arrived in spike
Robust plant. No guarantee of this obviously, but mine showed up with a low spike, and in the last couple of weeks since arrival, the spike has continued to develop, so it seems like it's going to make it to bloom!
Plant bien ramifié, livré en parfait état.
Great purchase.
First time purchasing from this website and was very happy with this purchase. No issues were found and the orchid seemed very healthy.
Great and healthy plant
I got a very bushy and healthy plant with a well established root system. Will definitely order some more phragmipediums.
Healthy and well established plant.
The plant is amazing and came in great condition. I was impressed by the great condition upon arrival. Thanks, Ecuagenera for this great plant!
High rated
I ordered 3 of these last October. They arrived in great shape. Each one had a previously bloomed growth and at least 3 mature growths and 5 or more new growths.
I ordered two plants which came in with four and six mature fans each, and several new ones emerging. The foliage was very clean with only a few minor blemishes. I expect both plants will establish quickly and perhaps bloom next spring.
High quality plant. Highly recommend
I purchased this plant from a pre order with my club. I received a mature division with 3 full sized growths and multiple new growths just emerging. The plant was packed in fresh sphagnum moss and the plant was in great health when I received it with no signs of disease. I had no trouble getting it rooted and established and It bloomed in about 6 weeks of my owning it. I was very pleased with the quality of the flower and am pleased that this is a pretty compact orchid that will not get enormous. Unfortunately, the flowers are a little short lived but with how fast it grows I think it will grow into an impressive specimen plant.