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Columnea gloriosa

Columnea gloriosa

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please be aware
Columneas with delicate leaves like these don't ship well. It arrived as well as it could have, with half of its leaves dropped. The only gripe I have is that the plant could have had a better root system but overall enough to make two separate plants. Needs to be acclimated before growing in lower humidity. This clone has purple fuzzy leaves.
Picked up at a show and received a dead plant with barely any leaves. Customer service was good though, as a refund was provided. Just not sure the plant ships very well
Solid root system, grew back from almost nothing.
Received with all leaves dried. Cut everything and waited. A year later it's almost 2m long and going strong.
After reading the other reviews I decided to play it super safe and buy 3 plants. The plants I received were a very nice size and looked beautiful. Now, I live in Canada (bit of a shock for the plants!) and have never acclimated columnea before, so I figured that I would likely make some sort of mistake that may cost me some time in this plant becoming the specimen it will eventually be.
I took tip cuttings from all 3 plants and they are all developing roots. I look forward to potting up the cuttings with the rest of the plants. In hindsight, perhaps I should have slowed the process of acclimation, but, hey, next time. I am 100% certain that the plants and cuttings will survive and leaf out again.
Long trailing stems, lightly rooted
The plant sent was breathtakingly long and was more than I expected. But the root system was very small. The plant arrived safely, but this plant does not travel well. Leaves were already starting to fall off upon unpacking, and almost all of the leaves dropped within a week's time. This is likely due to shipping stress and acclimation to my household 55% humidity. So I've taken cuttings and am propagating. Hopefully the plant will bounce back and thrive.
Surprised by the length of the cuttings
I received a very long cutting. Shocked by the 3 lengthy stems. I truly expected to get something much smaller. Packaging of the plant was well thought out. The plant had some dry leaves but expected from it's journey. Unfortunately my plant has dropped most of it's leaves but hoping it will bounce back. The leaves that remain are promising. Time will tell. Would definitely order again as their cutting are very generous for the price.
Lot of plant for your money
Long trailing stems. Arrived with most of the leaves shrivled. I removed the leaves, stuck cuttings and now the stems are leafing out again.
What a specimen!
Just received my Columnea Gloriosa via courier this morning. I was expecting a few rooted cuttings but got way more than that. I got a 3 ft plant with about 30 stems. Pure joy!! Thank you all @ecuagenera and hope you are all staying safe, healthy and away from Covid19.
More than I ever expected!!
I expected three cuttings stuck in moss that would maybe fit a 4 inch pot. What I got was a huge (3 foot long!!) plant with lots of stems, some in bloom!! Very happy with the purchase and can't say enough good things about the value! Though some stems lost their leaves after their long journey, I was able to cut them back and root them and the plant is bouncing back nicely.