Philodendron tenue cf

Philodendron tenue cf

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Whoa! Exceeds expectations as usual! (12/22/2021)
Ecuagenera ROCKS!
Beautiful and exquisite, exceeds expectations, highly recommend!

Little nugget of advice, when ordering from Ecuagenera. Upgrade to the recommended expedited shipping addon cost. You'll thank yourself once you get the order.
Plant orders sent this way consistently arrive in the most excellent condition!
(Residing in the lower South Eastern US helps to with the order coming through their FL hub from Ecuador)
Lovely plant (8/27/2021)
The freight carrier smashed the box, but thanks to the careful packaging, the plants were not damaged.

The plant I received is less mature than the one pictured, but it's beautiful and healthy. After about two weeks in soil it's unfurling a new leaf. I absolutely love the texture and shape. Very pleased with this philodendron!
Cute plant! Delicate roots (7/9/2021)
We definitely got a more immature specimen of this plant, but we can't complain because of how many leaves this little guy has!

This plant did alright with shipping, there was some leaf damage but it's mostly the roots that you gotta worry about, and this plant's roots are delicate. We had more issues with root rot after the first 24hrs of soaking this plant, then we did when it arrived. Either its roots dried out more than the other plants or it reacted poorly to the liquid fertilizer added to the water. Since then it's been recovering in a pot of plain old distilled water and been doing well.

Based on our experience we would recommend keeping a close eye on this plant's roots and treat them a little more delicately than some other types of philodendron.
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